2016’s 9 Worst Soap Opera Couples

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There’s nothing like a good soap opera super couple. It’s why fans tune into their favorite daytime dramas every week. A solid romance and a couple with tremendous chemistry can make soap opera fans swoon. Sadly, when two people get together that lack that certain something, it can be annoying to watch them fawn over each other daily. Alas, as we reminisce about the year that was 2016, below is a list of the best of the worst when it came to soap opera couples this year.

9. Jade and Joey – Days of Our Lives

You’d think that Joey Johnson may have picked up a thing or two in the love department from super couple parents, Patch and Kayla. Sadly, when it came to his first love affair with resident crazy teen, Jade Michaels — he missed his mark. Aside from the fact that this young girl has been nothing but trouble for young Joey since the day they became friends, the two lack incredible chemistry. The good news is they are young and have plenty of time to break up and find someone new. While Salem is a small town, there are plenty of other characters for Joey to meet and fall in love with; the same goes for Jade.


8. Victoria and Travis – The Young and the Restless

It seemed that Victoria Newman had finally met the man of her dreams in Travis Crawford in the spring of 2016. The two shared a hot and steamy affair when she met the bartender while becoming a frequent customer at Hank’s Bar. Alas, Vicky went as far as to hunt Travis down at one point when he left town, and when he returned to Genoa City to rat out Luca Santori things seemed to significantly sizzle down between Tricky. For one reason or another, Travis was intrigued by former flame Michelle Hazelton when she rolled into town and the two had a fling while he was still with Vicky. Not really a good indication that Travis is marriage material, especially considering it was still early in their relationship. The whole break up has opened a door for ex-husband Billy, and perhaps we shall see Victoria and Billy Boy shack up once again in 2017.


7. Alexis and Julian – General Hospital

GH fans everywhere celebrated when Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis tied the knot in February of this year. Sadly, things turned ugly for Julexis shortly after they said ‘I do.’ While Julian promised his bride-to-be that he would leave the mob behind for good, he broke that promise in mere months after their wedding to help crooked sister Ava. He then proceeded to kill Carlos in order to shut him up about Julian’s wrongdoings and he used the dagger that Alexis inherited from Helena to do so. Then with only five months of marriage under their belt, Julian tried to kill Alexis. Talk about taking ‘til death do us part’ a little too seriously! Julian stills seems smitten with Alexis as they head into 2017, so maybe this couple does stand a chance. But who could forgive and forget all the mobster has done? Only time will tell if these two can patch their relationship up for good.

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6. Jenn and Eric – Days of Our Lives

The sad thing about Jennifer Horton and Eric Brady hooking up (and making this list) is that at any other point in time they may have made a pretty decent couple. However, the two got together at a very low point in their lives. Former alcoholic, Eric, was turning to booze to ease the pain of the accident he caused which resulted in the death of Dr. Daniel Jonas. Jenn, on the other hand, found herself addicted to pain killers and dealing with a very difficult time in her life. Once squeaky clean characters, these two turned to each and bonded over addiction – not really a good start to any relationship. Alas, it abruptly ended when Eric was hauled off to prison for his drunk driving accident and thankfully Jenn has finally cleaned up her act. If these two could stay on the straight and narrow, and if Eric could get an early release on good behavior, they could potentially have a future together.


5. Abby and Stitch – Young and the Restless

Everything seemed so blissful for Stabby at the beginning of 2016. Abby Newman and Ben “Stitch” Rayburn enjoyed a lovely New Year’s Eve wedding and were on the road to their ‘happily ever after.’ The honeymoon seemed over well before it began though, when Stitch’s son Max came to live with them after his mother died. The mentally unstable young boy caused the newlyweds a lot of drama and the loss of their unborn child didn’t help the situation either. Less than twelve months after they got married, they broke up. This could be a good thing since the couple lacked chemistry and didn’t seem like the right fit from the get-go.

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4. Liz and Franco – General Hospital

While they are currently still together, this relationship is hanging on by a thread. There are some GH fans out there who find the coupling of Elizabeth Webber and Franco intriguing, but there doesn’t seem to be a solid spark in this relationship. While we all want Franco to be happy at the end of the day, his recent jealousy and crazy antics around Tom Baker make for a terrible, unstable, and toxic relationship. Rather than bring out the good in him, it seems like the good nurse brings out the bad. Perhaps Liz is better suited with Dr. Griffin Munro in the long run.

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3. Hayden and Nikolas – General Hospital

their romance was a whirlwind affair with Hayden Barnes saying ‘I do’ to Nikolas Cassadine within mere months of their relationship. But the only thing these two had was chemistry in the bedroom. There were lies in their relationship, deceit, blackmail, zero trust, and manipulation. It seemed that Nikolas trusted his BFF Elizabeth more than he loved his wife Hayden. So much so that when Nikolas died (twice) this year, widow Hayden was more concerned with the diamonds she was missing than the death of her husband. It also didn’t take her very long to cozy up to Dr. Hamilton Finn. Hayden barely mourned Nikolas, which causes this couple to land at number three on the worst couples list.

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2. Kate and Deimos – Days of Our Lives

Kate Roberts and Deimos Kiriakis were never a good fit, although they seemed instantly drawn to each other when the Greek tycoon rolled into Salem in early 2016. The two were quite smitten with each other until Deimos’ eyes were shifted to Nicole, and then everything fell apart. The final straw to their crumbling relationship was when Kate accidentally shoved Deimos into the river, left him for dead, and then tried to pin the entire thing on Nicole. Not a good sign, which is why they are number two on this list.


1. Natalie and Kevin – Young and the Restless

Kevin Fisher was instantly drawn to fellow computer geek Natalie Soderberg when she strolled into Genoa City in early 2016. He was so taken with Natalie that he was willing to throw away his BFF status with friend Mariah Copeland. Then when Chloe returned to the little town later in the year, Kevin seemed to forget his keenness over Natalie and dropped her like a bad habit. It was probably for the best. Opposites always make the best super couples at the end of the day … and those who are alike? Well, they make the worst!

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