Royal Family Nicknames You Didn’t Know About

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When it comes to the royal family, they are all about nicknames! It seems that almost every person in the royal family has one, but most of us don’t know about them. We’re going to fix that! Here are 14 royal family nicknames that most people don’t know about:

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14. Queen Elizabeth’s Childhood Nickname

Queen Elizabeth’s parents and sister Margaret used to call her “Lilibet.” She got this nickname when she was young as she had trouble pronouncing her lengthy name.

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13. Kate and William’s Nicknames for Each Other

During the News of the World hacking trial, it was revealed that back in 2006, Prince William would call Kate Middleton “babykins” and “baby.” In 2017, the couple was heard referring to each other as “darling” at the Chelsea Flower Show, and Kate was heard calling William “babe.”

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12. Diana and Charles’ Nickname for William

Prince William’s parents called him Wombat. “It began when I was two. I’ve been rightfully told because I can’t remember back that far. But when we went to Australia with our parents, and the wombat, you know, that’s the local animal. So I just basically got called that. Not because I look like a wombat. Or maybe I do,” he told NBC’s Matt Lauer.

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11. Kate’s Childhood Nickname

During a trip to old school St Andrews in Pangbourne, Berkshire, Kate revealed that she was known as Squeak by her classmates! Squeak was also the name of one of the school’s guinea pigs. The other one was named Pip, so she and her sister Pippa became known as Pip and Squeak. How cute is that?


10. What Harry’s Friends Called Him

Prince Harry was known to his friends and his minders as “Spike.” There was reportedly a Facebook account that belonged to Prince Harry that was under the name “Spike Wells.” The account had 400 friends, including some of Britain’s richest young men and women. After news broke that it was Harry’s Facebook account in 2012, his advisers reportedly told him to delete it, so Spike Wells’ account disappeared.

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9. Philip’s Nickname for Elizabeth

Prince Philip’s nickname for Queen Elizabeth is “cabbage.” In the 2006 film, The Queen, there’s a scene where Philip tells Elizabeth to “move over, cabbage,” and according to the film’s screenwriter, Peter Morgan, he inquired in royal circles and that’s how he heard about the nickname. The Queen’s biographer, Robert Lacey, also confirmed this to The Sunday Times back in 2006.


8. William’s University Nickname

When Prince William was studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, his friends would call him “Steve.” This allowed him to keep a low profile and avoid any unwanted attention.

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7. Kate’s Nickname in School

During her time at Marlborough College, Kate’s classmates would reportedly call her “Princess-in-waiting” because she had a picture of Prince William on her wall. However, in the first interview that she and William gave after they were engaged, she denied that she had a picture of him on her wall.

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6. Camilla and Charles’ Nicknames for Each Other

Camilla and Charles’ nicknames for each other are Fred and Gladys. They had been calling each other these nicknames before he and Diana were married. In fact, two days before Charles and Diana’s wedding, he bought Camilla a gold bracelet with a blue disc that had “G and F.” It was supposed to be a parting gift, but it got Diana thinking that she shouldn’t go through with her wedding with Charles.


5. Harry Is a Nickname

Harry isn’t the Prince’s real name – it’s Henry! Since medieval times, Harry has been a popular nickname for boys named Henry and Henry was also a popular name among British monarchs – most of whom have been called Harry by their subjects. Harry has been the Prince’s nickname since a boy and its only on formal occasions that they use his real name, Henry.

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4. Kate’s Real Name Is Catherine

Kate is a nickname that the Duchess got when she was an adolescent. Before then, her friends and family called her by her given name, Catherine. Reportedly, William doesn’t like calling his wife Kate – he prefers to call her Catherine and, in an interview, Prince Harry referred to her as “Cath.”

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3. William’s Nickname for Queen Elizabeth

When Prince William was just a tot, he used to call Queen Elizabeth “Gary.” A guest had overheard this years ago and assumed that William was referring to a member of the royal household, but the Queen made it clear that there was no one named Gary on staff. William called her Gary because he couldn’t say Granny properly yet.


2. Diana’s Nickname for Harry

Princess Diana had a couple of nicknames for Harry. The first was “Ginger” and then “My Little Spencer” because his trademark red hair came from her side of the family. During an interview with Matt Lauer back in 2007, William revealed that he calls Harry “Ginger” too!


1. Meghan Markle’s Childhood Nickname

Meghan Markle’s mother used to call her “Flower.” Fans learned this when she posted a picture on Instagram with a picture of a bouquet of flowers with the caption, “My mum has always called me ‘flower.’ Nickname since I was a little girl.”

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