Celebrities Who Should Have Their Own Reality Shows

In this day and age, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have afforded us unprecedented access to the thoughts, opinions and lives of the world’s biggest stars. We know where they are, what they’re doing, what they think about current events, who they’re with and so much more. Yet, even outside of the 24/7 news and gossip mill that the social space provides, we as fans still hunger to get an inside look at the lives of our favorite famous people.

It is in light of that hunger that we review the top 13 Celebrities Who Should Have A Reality Show. Most of the people featured in this list would be considered mega stars, and they all do a great job of keeping their private lives private, which is what makes us want to get even more access to them. While it’s safe to say that these stars will likely never give up their privacy for our enjoyment, we can always hope. Here’s the list.

13. Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has made some ridiculously funny movies, but unlike guys like Will Farrell, his brand of comedy often includes some sort of action or drama, and is much more profane. Rogen’s latest flick, The Interview, is basically about a plot to kill North Korea’s president. It’s made millions of dollars despite not being widely shown due to the fact the company was hacked and threatened prior to the première. That controversy and espionage has no doubt sparked more interest in the flick among fans.

But the reason Rogen would make an interesting character to watch on reality TV is that he’s not exactly the best looking guy around (and he’s cool with it), we’d get to find out just how much he loves to smoke weed (drugs always seem to play a role in his movies) and he’s just a great storyteller who can put together a movie that really makes us chuckle. People may not consider him an A-Lister, but watching Rogen on a day-to-day basis would be really entertaining.

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12. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is quite the charismatic character. She’s leading the charge as a bada** in the rap game, an industry dominated almost solely by males. She’s also a sound business woman, and has her own unique sense of fashion. Minaj has a backside that can spark a conversation on its own, as is blatantly obvious judging by the cover of her new single “Anaconda.” There are also a plethora of rumors about which rappers and entertainers she may have been with romantically involved with which of course would definitely add a little bit of flavor to her reality show.

The key question we’d all want to know the answer to of course is whether or not she’s actually as crazy and whacky as she can be on stage and on the red carpet. What is a low-key day in the life of Nicki Minaj really like? That’s a question we’d no doubt get the answer to if we followed her for long enough. Sure it may ruin her persona out in public, but getting to know Minaj might reveal a whole other side to her that we didn’t think existed, and that definitely makes for potentially entertaining television.

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11. Brad and Angelina

Remember back in the day when Angelina Jolie was with Billy Bob Thornton and they carried necklaces around their respective necks with each other’s blood in a little mini container? That actually happened before. Could you believe a girl that was into creepy sh*t like that would land one of Hollywood’s classic hunks? While most of us dudes out there like to think we’re way better looking than Brad Pitt, the truth is, women are absolutely enchanted by the guy. Add his charm and success on the big screen to the fact most of us dream about hooking up with Ms. Tomb Raider and there’s plenty of sex appeal worth a reality show between the two.

That said, like many of the world’s mega stars, Brad and Angelina keep their private lives as private as they possibly can, so we’d welcome the opportunity to get a closer look. How are they when the cameras are turned off (except for the cameras that would have to follow them around 24 hours a day of course)? Odds are we’ll never know, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for it.

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10. Justin Bieber

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber is still one of the biggest in the world, despite the fact people either love him or completely hate him. No matter which side of the coin you’re on, the fact is that being a polarizing figure is one of the keys to getting big time mainstream media attention, so few would have the same level of viewership and following as “The Biebs” if we could catch an in-depth look at his personal life. In a sense however, he did grow up before our very own eyes, becoming a star thanks to Youtube videos of him singing his favorite R&B songs before he was even a teenager.

That said a lot has changed since those early years. Bieber’s now a bad boy who seems to get in trouble with the law on a regular basis and his relations with women are more intriguing. He’s becoming known more for the drama in his life than his actual music career. But that’s what makes the idea of him having a reality show all the more intriguing. Sure many people might root for him to crash and burn like child stars before him have, but he’d also have his share of diehard fans evening out the scales a bit.

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9. Rihanna

Rihanna’s relationship status is something that would appeal to both male and female viewers, considering she’s dated Drake and been through a whole slew of ups and downs with Chris Brown. Just that aspect of her life alone would keep people watching. With her own reality show, we might even get a perspective from her about the phsyical assault she suffered at his hands and at the same time why she remained loyal to him at times after the fact.

Her romantic life aside, Rihanna seems to be portrayed as far from a good girl, and like many celebs out there, far from the image that was painted of her when she was first discovered by Jay-Z. Controversy sells without a doubt and RiRi has no doubt had her share. If she chose to let it all play out in front of a camera, it would be really hard for us not to tune in and see what her life is really like. No doubt her show would have sex appeal to it, which would definitely help to keep eyes glued to the television set that’s for sure.

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8. Kanye West

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. Does anyone even remember the days when he used to wear a hoodie and a baseball cap and seem like a humble, hardworking producer anymore? Surely, he’s probably still hardworking, you have to be if you want to be one of hip hop’s heavyweights, but to say that he’s not exactly humble anymore would be an understatement. Everyone would watch West on TV just to see if he loses his mind on a day-to-day basis with routine things like going through a drive-thru to get a coffee on the way to the studio. He only has himself to blame for our intrigue. That’s what you get when you steal a microphone away from Taylor Swift and make yourself out to be one of the rudest people out there.

To add to it all, Kanye’s wife is famous thanks pretty much solely to reality TV, which makes the “Kanye West Show” even more intriguing. Not only is Kim Kardashian not really famous for anything related to talent, she’s most recently renowned for the photo shoot featuring her butt on display for the world to see. To summarize, even though it would be annoying to see more of Mr. West, it would be tough not to watch.

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7. Chris Brown

Ever since he and Rihanna had an argument turn absolutely ugly and abusive, Chris Brown has been one of the most polarizing figures in all of Hollywood. He rose to fame during his teens for his incredible vocal talent and his dancing, two abilities he possesses that are on par with the likes of Usher and Michael Jackson. What Brown’s situation with Rihanna revealed is that the young man is far from perfect and far from a goodie goodie. Since that time, he’s certainly developed more of a bad boy image, getting into a more hardcore style of rapping musically which was almost directly opposite to the poppy R&B songs of his younger days.

Aside from how his assault charges changed him musically, Brown has also been in trouble with the law a lot more since that time even after spending time behind bars. There was even that one time when he flipped out behind the scenes of a television show after he was asked about Rihanna after his PR team had told the show not to ask any questions. Who knows what we would see given that he’s a bit of a loose cannon these days, but it would make for a solid Chris Brown reality show.

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6. Miley Cyrus

If you were born during a certain time in the mid 80s, odds are when you think of the name Miley Cyrus, you’re more likely to think of her as Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter rather than a modern day pop star. To watch the young former Hannah Montana star become a rebel, or at least try to be, has definitely broken some achy breaky hearts, at least the hearts of stay at home moms who are now witnessing the rebellion of their own children, who once upon a time grew up as fans of Hannah Montana and now want to be like the twerking Miley.

Who wouldn’t be interested to know about whether or not this girl is actually as much of a rebel as she now portrays herself to be? The answer to that question would definitely give us reason to watch, and that’s what would make the Miley Cyrus show a hit. Plus we’d get to see if she still has all kinds of Hannah Montana memorabilia around her house, proving to us for certain that she really is still the sweetheart from the Disney channel. That’s highly unlikely.

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5. Will and Jada

Although there was a once upon a time rumor that Will Smith was seen on a dinner date with a beautiful blonde woman and not his wife, indicating that his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith might be going through some tough times, the couple have long since made it through. In a celeb world that seems chalked full of divorces, serial dating and all the gossip and controversy that goes with it, it seems the two have managed to maintain their A-List status without sacrificing their family life or the privacy of their relationship. Sure there’s been the occasional news bit about them throughout the course of time, but all in all they’ve managed to steer clear.

That’s what would make the Will and Jada show so intriguing. What is it like to be one of if not the most powerful couple in all of Hollywood? It would interesting to know not just that answer, but also to get a glimpse into the future of Hollywood and see what and who their kids will turn out to be. We’ve loved Will and Jada for a long time and would thoroughly enjoy watching their lives unfold before our very own eyes.

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4. Barack Obama

Even if you’re not into politics, who wouldn’t want to know what life is like as the most powerful man in the world? Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House will go down in history. He’s the first ever African-American to be named the President, and no matter what your political affiliation, he generally seems a lot more likeable than past presidents, namely George W. Bush. It would be so cool to see him in action, not just because of the big time decisions he’s routinely forced to make while sitting in the Oval Office, but because of what is family life may be like on a day-to-day basis, or what his favorite shows on Netflix may be.

Obviously the closest he’ll ever come to showing that side of his life is after his time at the helm of the United States is over, when his tell-all book revealing stories about his time as president inevitably comes out. Even then, we’d still love to see it. The only challenge with Obama having his own show is that he’d definitely be restricted as to the kinds of information he could share, which would probably mean a heck of a lot of basketball talk and not much more. The trade off of that is that we’d get to hear from wife Michelle too, which would be a treat in it’s own right since we rarely hear significant details from a first lady.

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3. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart may not be very tall in height, but he’s larger than life in terms of personality. The funnyman grinded it out in Hollywood in much the same as we’ve seen from many comedians before him, by paying his dues on the comedy circuit. Nowadays, it would be hard to turn on a funny movie and not see his face on it. Hart is one of the hardest working people in show business, and it would be great to follow him around for a while. Whether he’s doing a movie, selling out a comedy show, or doing publicity tours for his movies and shows, he’s always an entertaining character to watch.

Hart tells stories and jokes in a unique style that makes us both laugh at him and with him, and he doesn’t seem to mind either way, which makes him an incredibly likeable character. He’s the kind of guy you want to party with and be friends with, and that’s exactly why watching his reality show would be comedy gold, and downright awesomeness.

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2. Oprah Winfrey

She’s the most powerful figure in daytime talk show history, and she has been for many of our entire lives. As much as one of the marks of a great television host is the ability to make the audience feel personally connected to you through the TV screen, we’d no doubt love to get an up close and personal look at the life and times of Oprah Winfrey. How much better are the lives of her dogs than our own? Is she really as much of an amazing and generous person as she seems to be on camera? And what exactly does Stedman do all day long anyway? These are all questions we’d get the answer to if cameras were on Oprah all day long.

Naturally we’d also get a glimpse of what it’s like to live a truly lavish lifestyle given that Oprah is the queen of media. Sure she has her OWN network, magazine, syndicated talk show etc… but how exactly does she spend all that cash? Oprah’s made quite the living for herself telling the stories of celebrities and all kinds of different people from many different walks of life. It would be really cool to see her tell her very own story too.

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 1. Jay-Z & Beyonce

2003’s version of Bonnie and Clyde have been lighting up the celeb world ever since they started dating. Fast forward to 2015 and the two are happily married (we think) and fresh off of an On The Run tour that saw them make money by the boat load. Given how famous the couple is, it’s incredible how they’ve managed to keep their lives so private and out of the spotlight, at least when it comes to specific details. Reports last year suggested that their relationship and tour might be halted as rumblings of a potential divorced surfaced, but all we really know for sure is that they’re staying together.

Jay-Z and Beyonce held their wedding in a top-secret ceremony. It was planned for quite a while no doubt, but we didn’t really hear about it until it was over. It’s that kind of secrecy that would make the world tune in to watch if their lives were ever on display for everyone to see. Unfortunately unlike other celebrities who are often times inclined to sell pieces of their private lives, either through photographs or a reality series, Jay and Bey will certainly never give us the scoop on things we really want to know…at least not openly

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