10 Things You Didn’t Know About Katherine Heigl And Josh Kelley’s Relationship

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Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley have been together for over a decade now. Even though her career kind of imploded a few years ago, the one that’s still intact is her marriage and her family life. Since it’s their tenth wedding anniversary, we’ve collected 10 things that most people don’t’ know about their relationship, from how they met to how they keep their relationship on track:

10. How They Met

They met back in 2005 when she played his love interest in his music video for “Only You.” She was hanging out with John Mayer around the same time that they met and since Kelley was playing hard to get, she used Mayer to make him jealous so that he would commit to her. “These musicians, they are competitive and jealous of each other. [So] over the phone, because he was on tour, I was like, ‘Josh, I’ve got to be honest. I just want to know where we stand because if not, I might try to pursue something with John,’” she said during The Meredith Vieira Show. “[I confessed] probably a year into our marriage. I was like, ‘You got played!’” To his day, Kelley has trouble believing that nothing ever happened between Heigl and Mayer.


9. Deciding to Get Married

Katherine was the who suggested marriage to Josh. “I didn’t propose to Josh – but I suggested strongly that he should propose to me. One day we were sitting in my house, chatting and having a glass of wine, and I said, ‘How do you feel about marriage? Where do you feel this relationship is going? Because I don’t just want to date anymore,” she told Monsters and Critics. He proposed in June 2006.

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