10 Reasons Caitlyn Jenner Is Hotter Than Kris

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With a style that is being called chic and classic, Caitlyn Jenner is stunning Hollywood and fans alike. And though it can’t be said that Kris Jenner fails in the fashion department, she isn’t quite stunning the fans the way Caitlyn is as her public appearances become more frequent. Here are 10 reasons Caitlyn Jenner is hotter than Kris.

10. Hair

Although Kris sports a short and sassy style, it can’t quite hold up to Caitlyn’s gorgeous locks. With a look that has been compared to a 1940’s Veronica Lake, 1950’s Rita Hayworth and 1960’s Ann Margret, she is hitting every mark when it comes to heavenly hair. For Caitlyn’s renowned Vanity Fair cover, “We looked to Cindy Crawford’s hair for inspiration, which is always glamorous but natural-looking,” said famed hairstylist Oribe. Work that magnificent mane, cover girl!

Source: Vanity Fair. Photo by: Annie Leibovitz

9. Cheekbones

With cheekbones that could cut glass, Caitlyn Jenner sets a striking tone with her fine features. And although Kris also boasts some beautiful facial bones, it’s Caitlyn’s contours that make the most defined mark.

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8. Eyes

While Kris’ dark eyes are striking to say the least and can flash fire, they can just as easily turn cold as ice. And if eyes are the windows to the soul then Caitlyn Jenner is certainly giving us a glimpse at the beauty inside. Direct and unwavering, her eyes flash a gaze that will be seeing a lot of admiration.

7. Body

Caitlyn has always been athletic, to the Olympic level, so it’s not surprising that she’s sporting a slim and sleek form. Long legs hold up her statuesque body and have her strutting down one red carpet after another. And while Kris is certainly not a slump in the body department with curves that could compete with any voluptuous form, Caitlyn is the body that everyone’s got their eyes on at the moment.

Source: Vanity Fair

6. Makeup

Kris is rarely, if ever, seen without her dark-rimmed eyes with a dusty shadow and lips that are sheer or covered with a deep dark red. Caitlyn Jenner decided on a completely different palette and with an expert touch can face any camera with perfect lightly shaded eyes and lipstick that ranges from a pink blush to a deep red streak. She pulls it all off impeccably.

Source: E!

5. Accessories

Kris Jenner likes her giant earrings, ever-changing rotation of rings, and occasional oversized necklace to go along. On the other hand, just as understated but on-point as the rest of her style, Caitlyn chooses pieces that accentuate but never dominate. Whether a thin gold bracelet, stylish shades, or simple diamond earrings, she knows just how to shine.

(Benoit Photo via AP)

4. Shoes

Kris doesn’t shy away from an impressive pair of heels, but Caitlyn is currently walking the walk that everyone is watching. Whether she’s slipped into summery sandals or practical pumps, Caitlyn Jenner shows style from head to toe and lucky for her she has the budget to cover those toes with some fine shoes. She may have to have some of her shoes specially made to suit her size, but they’re worth every pretty penny.

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3. Street Style

Even when not dressing for the red carpet or Hollywood events, Caitlyn Jenner is sporting some seriously awesome style. Where Kris seems to be just as untouchable when she’s apparently casual, Caitlyn has pin-pointed her laid-back look to perfection. Whether dodging paparazzi or enjoying lunch with her daughters, Caitlyn can pull off a casual look as well as she can rock the gowns.

Photo by Broadimage/REX Shutterstock

2. Red-Carpet Style

Kris may never be overlooked when in front of the cameras, but when Caitlyn struts her stuff on the red carpet, she struts it good and well. Appearing at the ESPY’s and making an incredibly memorable speech, she wowed the crowd in a white Versace dress that was worthy of the moment.

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

1. Ground-breaking & Brave

What makes Caitlyn Jenner ultimately hot? Her bravely and willingness to break ground. She may not be the first transgendered woman in Hollywood, but the path is still being paved and Caitlyn is walking it with splendid strength, chic style, and sensational shoes.


Desiree O