8 Shocking Caitlyn Jenner Controversies That Have Us Shaking Our Heads

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Caitlyn and Bruce Jenner have been a couple fascinating personalities in the media spotlight, haven’t they? Obviously, both names owe everything to the athleticism of the individual known as Bruce when considering marketability, fame and financial success. But digging below the surface of clothing, and skin, we get to the core of an individual who really, really loves the spotlight. Maybe too much? Is it a push for authenticity, or an obsession with being admired for achievement? Let’s consider a few of the most recent Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner controversies and work toward a conclusion.

8. The Halloween Costume

Who would create a Halloween costume in such poor taste that it mocks someone’s gender transition? Um. Who wouldn’t if they could capitalize off of it. It’s humanity, people. And what’s most controversial about it? It has set the vocal minority on fire in defense of Caitlyn Jenner’s honor. But Caitlyn doesn’t care. Caitlyn finds it amusing, and has a deep understanding that it’s free publicity. This isn’t a joke, folks. These are paraphrased quotes from the Caitlyn Jenner. The more people talking about you, the better it is for business — that’s called excellent business sense. And for those who are not so sure about rocking the look from Vanity Fair, there’s another version of the costume based on Bruce Jenner’s 1976 Olympic uniform, with a long, flowing, auburn wig. Something tells us this will be a big seller in certain geographic pockets.

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7. Caitlyn Is a Political Conservative

Stop the presses. Hold the phones. We must get something perfectly clear before proceeding: how could someone with such an open mind be a fiscal and political conservative? It’s true: Caitlyn Jenner is a Republican. And so was Bruce, if anyone is curious. Many things have changed since Bruce has transitioned to become Caitlyn — his older children from his previous marriage have even stated that he’s a better father, and better person. Don’t think too hard about that sentence, you get the gist. Still, many things haven’t changed since Bruce transitioned to Caitlyn. For example, Caitlyn would likely vote for Donald Trump if the billionaire were to receive the nod from the GOP, but… let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. That’s an example of an extreme, but Caitlyn will be voting for the GOP offering come next fall. Bank on it.

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6. Potential Manslaughter Charges

Here’s a controversy that is really the only thing that is controversial in the life of Caitlyn Jenner, yet the one thing that has really been swept under the rug. Bruce Jenner was involved in a car accident early in 2015, and one person was killed. Both families of the two injured parties have sued Jenner, citing personal injury in one case, and wrongful death in another. As it stands, there is still the possibility of criminal charges stemming from the accident, notably a charge of involuntary manslaughter. It would be a misdemeanor charge. That stated, if Caitlyn were convicted it would likely mean a sentence of time served — up to a year in county jail. According to the media trickle down, Caitlyn is most concerned a conviction would lead to a stint in a prison for men.

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5. Arthur Ashe ESPY For Courage

This one has been talked into the ground, dusted off, talked back into the ground, buried, then dug up for the occasional alcohol-fueled, existential discussion. Caitlyn Jenner was awarded the ESPN Arthur Ashe ESPY Award — an award offered for courage — and it served as fuel, and a wedge for divisive and disparate public opinion. Many in the media, including the well-and-outspoken Bob Costas, tossed a few cents into the pot, suggesting this was a silly play at ratings from ESPN, and who could argue with Bob’s points? All evidence he offered presented a strong case. And then there were the “Caitlyn Supporters,” based on principle alone. Bless these kind hearts who are so accepting, and yet so often dismissive as their opinionated opponents when it comes to social disagreements. ESPN got what it was hoping for: people arguing about their awards show.

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4. Goes After Paparazzi For Photographing Dress

Before Bruce Jenner revealed that he would become Caitlyn Jenner, the word was out. Bruce was on the cover of every tabloid, dressed up with Photoshop makeup, and made to look awful. It was pretty damn tacky. But then there were legit photos that hit the web and newsstands of Bruce in a dress, and there was no arguing their authenticity. It was obvious. And it was also obvious that the paparazzo who took the pictures broke the law by using a telephoto lens in capturing the images. Bruce warned some paparazzi in the spring of 2015 that he would get the police on them if they continued to visit his new residence. This did not sit well with Bruce, who had yet to make the grand announcement of “Call Me Caitlyn.” Once media outlets realized they had obtained illegal snaps, they pulled them, and Bruce claimed victory.

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3. Everyone Comes to Caitlyn’s Defense

In fairness, this one on this list must exist to offer full and complete glory to number 2. After the grand announcement of Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner, social media exploded with comments of support, and well-wishes for this new journey of exploration. And these same individuals came to the defense of Caitlyn Jenner anytime someone posted a mocking or fun-poking meme of the celebrity. How could people be so insensitive? How could people not appreciate, empathize or at least sympathize with someone’s identity crisis. How could anyone — even comedians — make jokes about something so serious. How could anyone be so naive to think they know one thing about Caitlyn Jenner to come to the defense of a perfect stranger? But that’s the western world in which we live. When really wise people counsel others to be slow in judgement, it’s not just negative judgement of which they speak.

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2. Shocks Ellen With Double Speak

About that judgement alluded to in #3. Who was shocked and surprised when Caitlyn Jenner stopped by Ellen to have a little chat? No, not for stopping by, rather the things that were said. You’d think Ellen and Caitlyn might have a lot in common considering personal plights, and dealing with social stigmas, but Ellen seemed taken aback when Caitlyn began to speak to the issue of gay marriage. According to Cait, it is something that still bucks tradition — a tradition Cailtyn Jenner still seems to be a big fan of. Sure, that may be oversimplifying the conversation that was broadcast and heavily discussed, but that’s how Ellen felt, too. So, perhaps we’re not really dealing with someone interested in the social agenda, and the media circus surrounding a courageous transition, as much as we’re dealing with someone hoping to enjoy profit off life’s next chapter and adventure?

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1. A Blatant Self-Obsession

Stripping these controversies down to brass tacks, there seems to be a root cause. These character traits belong to an individual who has always been about the individual. Bruce was about Bruce. Caitlyn is about Cailtyn. This may be the most controversial thing about Caitlyn Jenner: why the celebrity in the first place!? When Bruce was a youngster, he was an incredible athlete who was obsessed with achievement. Bruce’s biggest life focus was Bruce — he participated in an individual sport. Self is what he does best. Even when welcoming others into his life, including spouses and children, his love for them was oftentimes expressed by thanks for their moral support. He was too busy moving forward toward ideology and personal achievement. Maybe the celebrity label is best left for someone whose fame wasn’t resurrected by appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

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