15 Hidden Details On Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress You Didn’t Know About

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Soon-to-be royal Meghan Markle has enthralled the world with her fairytale-like evolution from Hollywood celebrity to prominent royal figure. Markle, however, isn’t the first A-lister to abandon the limelight to follow the path to royalty. The ethereal Grace Kelly retired her Hollywood acting career to become the Princess of Monaco back in 1956 and her wedding to Prince Rainier III was undeniably one of the most iconic of all time. The wedding was dubbed the event of the century and her gown, in particular, inspired generations of brides who aspired to cultivate her elegant look for their own big day. For more information about the stunning and timeless garment, follow along for 15 hidden details you didn’t know about Grace Kelly’s wedding dress:

15. The lace used was antique

The material used to craft the dress was a delicate rose point Brussels lace. The gown featured sheer long sleeves made entirely of the lace and an elegant high neckline. The most shocking part, however, is that the antique lace was over 125 years old and still looked impeccable. Additionally, the full skirt was made of silk and the bride also switched between three different petticoats throughout the evening to change up her look.

Source: Everett Collection


14. It featured hundreds of seed pearls throughout

Not only was the antique Brussels lace over 125 years old, but it was also carefully stitched together with intense detail. The seamstresses re-embroidered the lace on the bodice to ensure there were no visible seams. They also added hundreds of seed pearls throughout to further hide any stitching and to make the look even more embellished and detailed.

THE WEDDING IN MONACO, Grace Kelly, 1956