14 Hidden Details On Jackie Kennedy’s Wedding Dress You Didn’t Know About

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On September 12, 1953, New York socialite Jackie Bouvier married Massachusetts-born junior senator John F. Kennedy in what quickly became the social event of the season. Their wedding consisted of 800 guests and brought together some of the most elite senators and notables at the time. Jackie’s dress was an instant sensation and has been one of the most beloved wedding dresses of all time with its off-the-shoulder neckline and heirloom rose point lace veil. Although you’d never know it by looking at how smitten and happy the couple looks in the photos, there was actually a fair share of wedding drama happening behind the scenes, mostly due to her wedding dress! Follow along to learn 14 hidden details you didn’t know about Jackie Kennedy’s iconic wedding dress:

14. Designed by country’s first black high-fashion designer, Ann Lowe

Jackie Kennedy’s iconic wedding dress was actually created by a designer that was lesser known at the time. Dressmaker Ann Lowe was hired to design the dress Jackie would wear, as well as the bridal party’s attire and Jackie’s mother’s dress. Lowe was exceptionally talented, which was clear from a young age while growing up in a family of dressmakers. Through the 1940s to the end of the ’60s, Lowe’s designs were society’s “best-kept secret” and her work became quickly acclaimed among socialities.

Source: Julia Faye Smith / NY Post


13. Lowe remained largely unknown despite the iconic gown

Despite her connections with high-profile notables such as Jackie Kennedy, Lowe remained largely unknown in the New York fashion scene. Back in the ’50s, black women working in high-fashion weren’t given the same credit as their white counterparts, which is why Lowe never fully received the praise she deserved until recently. When asked who made her dress, Jacqueline Kennedy would say it was made by a “colored woman.”

Source: Moneta Sleet, Jr./Johnson Archives | NYPost