13 Celebrity Brides Who Wore Surprisingly Simple Dresses

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When it comes to high-profile celebrity weddings, oftentimes the designer garment the bride chooses to wear is the most anticipated moment of the evening. Typically it’s expected that celebrities will opt for the most opulent gown they can get their hands on when it comes to their big day, but for some celebrities, this notion has been proven wrong! Follow along for 13 celebrity brides who wore surprisingly simple dresses on their wedding day:

13. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most influential style icons of all time, yet her wedding dress was surprisingly simple! Hepburn was married twice in her life, but her first wedding dress she wore to wed Mel Ferrer is particularly noteworthy. The gown featured a classic shape that showed off her tiny figure and an oversized bow along the back. The dress in itself was quite simple considering how prominent of a figure she is within the fashion community. Many actually recognize her on-screen wedding dress in Funny Face as more memorable than her actual wedding gown!

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12. Cindy Crawford

Supermodel Cindy Crawford was the Hollywood golden girl for many years, which is why fans had quite big expectations for an extravagant wedding gown. Crawford, however, opted for a look that was super low key and wasn’t even a gown at all! She wed Rande Gerber in the Bahamas in 1998 wearing a short slip gown designed by John Galliano. “I actually told a stylist friend of mine that I had to go to a black-and-white party, so to bring me some black dresses and some white dresses, because we didn’t tell anyone we were getting married,” she explained to Harper’s Bazaar of her decision to wear the dress. “That was just one of the white dresses and it was perfect. It was off the rack Galliano, and I love it.”

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