15 Rumored Details Of Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Dress

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With the high-profile royal wedding just around the corner, fans are more anxious than ever to see the ethereal gown that Meghan Markle will choose to wear on the big day. Markle is notorious for breaking royal fashion rules, which makes it all the more exciting to see what risky sartorial decision she has up her sleeve when it comes to her wedding dress. Based on previous interviews and after tracking her royal style, there have been a few hints that have led us to predict what Meghan will opt for in terms of details, designer and ultimately the inspiration behind her wedding gown. Follow along for 15 rumored details of the ever-stylish Meghan Markle’s royal wedding gown for this upcoming May:

 15. Designer: Erdem

Typically it’s expected that royals wear London-based clothing brands to boost their local sales, yet since Meghan Markle has spent much of her career living in Canada, the soon-to-be royal has opted to wear Canadian brands on many occasions while engaged to Prince Harry. With this in mind, it’s reasonable to assume Erdem may be a contender to design Markle’s gown since the label is a Canadian designer based in London. The brand is a favorite among royal circles and Markle has worn the brand on multiple occasions. Erdem would be the perfect happy medium to please Markle’s Canadian fashion taste and her new British roots.

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14. Inspiration: Ode to Lady Diana

Lady Diana’s tendency to dress in bold, statement pieces was groundbreaking during her reign, which was why her wedding dress was one of the most anticipated of all time. Her style is quite different than Markle’s in the sense that it’s quite unique and eye-catching while Markle opts for simplicity and elegance. Despite this, Markle obviously has the ultimate respect for Prince Harry’s mother so we wouldn’t be overly surprised to see her incorporate a few details inspired by Diana’s bold wedding look.

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