They Said What? 13 Worst Celeb Slams by Exes (w Quotes)!

Everyone knows that Hollywood relationships aren’t exactly known for their staying power. Most celebrity couples part ways before their first anniversary and many don’t last more than a few weeks. But what happens when the breakup doesn’t exactly go as smoothly as both parties would have hoped. Here are 13 quotes from celebrities who slammed their exes after they called it quits.

You won’t believe what these stars had to say about the people they once loved…

13. Brandon Davis Slams Mischa Barton

Brandon Davis made his feelings for the former O.C star very clear in a tweet he posted that read “Just realised my ex turned into one of the fatest people in the planet. I’m gonna start dating plus size models. Not! Mischa the heifer.” Ouch.

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  • Jon Wilbur Ong Tan

    Wow, my favorite comment yet!!!

  • Jon Wilbur Ong Tan

    Whoops, I think Levine’s comment seems to be on the level. :D

  • Barbie Jimenez-Trudeau

    I could definitely be wrong, but I got the impression that Russell Brand was dissing marriage and monogamy, not necessarily Katy Perry. But of course, I could be wrong.

  • Cheeses McCheese

    Brandon Davis, always an asshole…Hey, didn’t his dad die of an overdose of wine and pills?

  • livvie21

    Brandon Davis is really, really fat now. KARMA.

  • Harlee Jo

    Lol so true and Mischa has lost the weight lol.

  • John Vasiliou

    Man some massive attention whores here.