7 Celebs Who Have Slammed Other Celebs

Not all celebrities are looking to get along. In fact, some can’t help but make snide remarks about their peers. While some of you might think that comments like these are rather petty, we think they are kind of entertaining. There is nothing like celebrities going after other celebrities! We view it of more as a sport. Who will attack who and how will the person attacked respond? It provides a reasonable amount of entertainment and one can always expect at least one celebrity to lose their cool and insult one of their peers. If you like a good catfight, take a look at these 7 celebrities who have taken the time to slam other celebs.

7. Tia Mowry vs. Charlize Theron

Tia Mowry was less than impressed with Charlize Theron when she approached her at their soul cycle class and got rebuffed. “I said ‘Hi,’ and she actually rolled her eyes and said, ‘Oh my God.’ I wasn’t over-the-top. I know how to approach another celebrity. Charlize was just mean. I’m just being honest.” Following the interview, the “Snow White and the Huntsman” star was reportedly trying to get Mowry banned from their spin studio for blabbing to the media, but didn’t have any luck.

After seeing that her comments about Theron went viral, Mowry was quick to retract what she said. “I do not know her,” she said. “I do not know Charlize. I absolutely love her, she’s my ‘woman crush Wednesday,’ you can even see it on my Instagram! I’m obsessed with her, I love her, it was definitely blown out of proportion. So that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

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6. Jon Hamm vs. Kim Kardashians

Jon Hamm is over celebrity culture and he doesn’t have anything nice to say about it – especially when it comes to Kim Kardashian. “We’re at a place where the idea of being ‘elite’ is somehow considered negative. Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated,” he told Elle UK. “Being a f-cking idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly. Incuriousness has become cool…It’s celebrated. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

When Kim heard about Hamm’s remarks, she spoke out on Twitter. “I just heard about the comment Jon Hamm made about me in an interview. I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that not everyone takes the same path in life. We’re all working hard and we all have to respect one another. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, ‘stupid,’ is in my opinion careless.”

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5. Seth Rogen vs. Justin Bieber

Since he was invited to meet Justin Bieber, Seth Rogen has been unimpressed with the pop star. “And it was weird, I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll meet him.’ So I went outside to meet him and he was acting like I asked to meet him. It was very nonchalant, ‘Yo man. Wassup,’ and I was like, ‘What the f-ck, I don’t give a f-ck about, I don’t want to meet you. Don’t act all nonplussed to meet me. I didn’t want to meet you. I was totally cool not meeting you…But I was like, fine, I wouldn’t have said anything, I was like, ‘He’s a bit of a mother**ker. Whatever. He’s young, the kid’s a d*ck,” Rogen said.

When Bieber heard about Rogen’s harsh remarks, he tried to apologize to actor – sort of. “Seth Rogan (sic) sorry I didnt bow down when I asked 2 meet u was probably a bit shy and didn’t want to be over the top but still. love ur movies,” he tweeted. Something tells us that this didn’t fly with Rogen.

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4. Tori Spelling vs. Katie Holmes

Tori Spelling was friends with Katie Holmes at one point, but not anymore. In her book “Spelling It Like It Is,” she talked about an awkward encounter that she had with the former “Dawson’s Creek” star at her vocal coach’s place. “As I sat waiting outside his music room, I heard his prior appointment working with him in the other room. It was some actress singing horribly off-key…That made me feel better. I heard him say good-bye and then the actress walked out of the room. It was Katie Holmes.”

Spelling became really irritated when Holmes didn’t seem at all interested in catching up. “Come on. Okay, I know you’re busy. But you’re in the public eye. Don’t tell me you don’t follow the tabloids. Don’t tell me you don’t know anything about other celebrities and their kids,” she wrote. “Then we stood there. She was just plastic. In a perfectly polite way…My pits were drenched. I never sweat. It was that awkward. I thought, I know you’re not a robot because you can’t sing for sh*t.”

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3. George Clooney vs. Leonardo DiCaprio

George Clooney thinks Leonardo DiCaprio surrounds himself with the wrong people. He found this out during what was supposed to be a friendly game of basketball. “The thing about playing Leo is you have all these guys talking sh*t. We get there, and there’s this guy, Danny A I think his name is. Danny A is this club kid from New York. And he comes up to me and says, ‘We played once at Chelsea Piers. I kicked your ass,’” Clooney told Esquire.

Even though everyone on Clooney’s team were all in their 50s, they ended up trouncing DiCaprio’s team, which got the Oscar-winning actor thinking about the sorts of people that Leo surrounds himself with. “The discrepancy between their game and how they talked about their game made me think of how important it is to have someone in your life to tell you what’s what. I’m not sure if Leo has someone like that,” Clooney said. We think it is safe to say that he doesn’t.

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2. Robert Downey Jr. and Alejandro Inarritu

Robert Downey Jr. didn’t react very well when he was asked about director Alejandro Inarritu’s comments about the “cultural genocide” in comic book movies. Although he tried to play it cool, like he didn’t care, he actually ended up making a comment about Inarritu that can be perceived as racist. “I respect the hell out of him. I think for a man whose native tongue is Spanish to be able to put together a phrase like cultural genocide just speaks to how bright he is,” he told the Guardian.

Naturally, there was a public outcry when news of Downey Jr.’s comment hit the web. Fans accused him of being racist; however, his publicist Alan Nierob shrugged them off. When Nierob was asked to comment on his client’s barbed remark, he brushed it off, claiming that it wass a compliment. “Taken in the proper context of the interview, it is intended to be, and is, complimentary,” Nierob said. Yeah, right.

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1. Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Jennifer Aniston

When Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up, Gwyneth Paltrow was pretty quick to throw some shade at both of them for having discussed their relationship with the press to begin with. “It would have been a lot easier on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston now if they had not talked to the press about each other and everything to begin with,” Paltrow told Time magazine. “I learned my lesson at 24.”

While most women would have been unappreciative of Paltrow’s judgment, Aniston was surprisingly welcoming of it. “She’s absolutely correct,” she said. “I feel like there is a graveyard of celebrity couples who now have learned their lesson. You know, at the time you go, ‘Celebrate it-we’re in love, and let’s talk, and who cares?’” We think it was pretty low of Paltrow to kick Aniston while she was down. She lost her husband to Angelina Jolie – show a little compassion!

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