7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Jessica Parker And Andy Cohen’s Friendship

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There are plenty of friendships in Hollywood that might seem a little bizarre from the outside looking in, and none fits this description more than Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen’s relationship. Despite their odd friendship, it seems like they are incredibly sincere and genuine — they’re friendship is really cute! We might even draw the comparison of Stanford and Carrie! With the release of his new book, Superficial, we got to learn a few more fun insider facts about their friendship and the fiercely private Sex and the City star — so here’s a look at 7 things you probably didn’t know about Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen’s friendship!

7. How They Met

When the Sex and the City actress met Andy Cohen he was far from famous. In fact, instead of being the person in front of the camera, he worked behind the lens as a producer on The Morning Show at CBS. The two ran into each other again a year later and, to Cohen’s surprise, Parker actually remembered him! “I saw her a year later when I was at the first Vanity Fair party, I was behind the rope, interviewing people. And she remember me from that day,” he said. She must have saw a quality in him that she liked because they quickly became best friends after that!

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6. Favorite New Yorker

In an interview with Bravo, Andy Cohen listed off some of his favorite New Yorkers to hang out with while visiting the Big Apple. In his new book, he names three celebs (living or dead) that he either loves to hang out with or draws inspiration from and, of course, Carrie Bradshaw aka Sarah Jessica Parker made the cut. We’re not surprised because she is often found on Cohen’s social media, hanging out with him around NYC. “Sarah Jessica Parker is an iconic New Yorker and I love her. Walking around New York with her is like walking around with the Empire State Building — everybody can’t believe what they’re seeing and they all want a picture,” he said.