16 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Gay!

Hollywood is a pretty fickle place and, if celebrities come out of the closet, there’s an unfortunate possibility that their careers can be negatively affected. Consequently, many stars seem to take the subtle route instead of shouting from the rooftops that they are in fact gay! We have compiled a list of 16 celebrities you probably didn’t know were gay!

16. Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson, from “American Horror Story,” came out when she and her girlfriend at the time Cherry Jones declared their love for each other in an interview with Velvetpark at Women’s Event 10 for the LGBT Centre of NYC back in 2007. After her break up with Jones, Paulson has said that she is open to relationships with women and men.

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  • _WarMachine_

    Are you kidding Chris Colfer is gay??? No way!!!

  • Davis Lindsey

    Only Victor Garber was a surprise. The rest of the cigar smokers and carpet munchers are Well known and obvious.

  • Rey

    Chely Wright? So kd lang doesn’t count?

  • panterachick_78@hotmail.com

    It says “Stars you DIDNT know were gay” Everyone has always known KD Lang was gay.

  • Jessica Pulido

    I thought this was supposed to be a list of people we didn’t know were gay. This is stupid. Just because the author didn’t know, it doesn’t mean the rest of the world didn’t.

  • lee

    Agree. I knew all of these were even before they came out. After all i have something the NSA doesn’t, GAYDAR!

  • alirn

    Lmao! I refuse to believe this!

  • Florida girl

    Robin’s statement isn’t really a come-out announcement. I call a lot of my female friends “my girlfriends” and I’m not gay. Saying she hopes to celebrate a new year together with her girlfriend and family is something I’d say too, especially a close female friend. I guess I’m just saying she still isn’t comfortable calling herself gay or a lesbian or she’d come straight out and say it. Too bad she didn’t come out when Sam did. I admire his honesty and I miss him on GMA. I’m still wondering if he was asked to leave especially since he’s on the “Today” (aawwwkkk) Show now.

  • White clowns

    Who are these people??? I’ve heard of 3 or 4 and we knew of them years ago OR we just didn’t care. Celebrities are so screwed up!

  • sheesh12345

    Sick. Sick. Sick!

  • Mike Allen Greenwalt

    This list should be 13 actors you don’t know featuring Sheldon, Spock, and Gandalf.

  • S Jay Simms

    Who cares who is and who isn’t – live and let live. It’s the intelligent thing to do – and be!

  • Diane Griego

    Intelligence has nothing to do with it. Its called morality plain and simple.What keeps even dummies safe in this world.

  • LordCortex

    I didn’t know half of them were gay because I didn’t know who they were.

  • Florida girl

    My granddaughter is gay and I love her 100%. The rest, I don’t care whether they are or not. I’m entitled to my opinion on Robin.

  • Motley

    But the article said she was the first country star to come out as openly gay. She was not the first by a couple decades.

  • M Jackson

    I know who all of these people are. Ever occur to you that the fact that you don’t know anything about leading actors in popular tv shows and movies and lead singers for classic rock groups, is more a reflection on you than it is on them? What DO you know?
    And what makes them all ‘screwed up’ in your view? Just the fact that they are all gay? Well screw you and your ignorance!

  • Mike Brannon

    I didn’t know Michael Stipe was gay?
    Oh please. I knew when I first saw him dancing he was fruity as Carmen Miranda’s headdress.

  • mel247

    I’m not sure what’s worse about this article- how it sensationalizes revealing who’s gay, or the fact that it doesn’t really ‘reveal’ anything at all.

  • Joe

    Wish they would have stayed in the closet

  • Joe

    Just because you fat idiots have nothing better to do than watch tv and read magazines on ppl who are clearly better looking than you. Don’t assume that everyone else is like that! If you already knew ok. Shut your fat pie hole and move on. The real shock would be if you had a boyfriend! Leave the author alone!

  • Roland

    Ok let me see, the men look and act like women, and the women look and act like men, but wow, really are they gay? Nooooo! Gosh you just surprised the whole world with this one. I see a Pulitzer in your future. And really what is the purpose of this or any gay story? Is this suppose to help the world to all turn gay? No thank you, I like to leave my Hershey highway as a depository only!

  • Roland

    I was surprised when someone told me Robin Roberts was a lesbian, I always thought she was a gay man! SMDH

  • Roland

    Joe you must be the fat idiot that you talk about who reads magazine articles, you did read this didn’t you! Have a happy gay, umm day!

  • alltheshadesofgreen

    “Admitted” they were gay…what’s up with the word choice here? Admitting implies a reluctant confession. While this slideshow is well meaning, the lamguage keeps us stuck in the mode of thinking that being gay is abnormal and something to admit to.

  • Erin

    Where’s Wentworth Miller of Prison Break?

  • Jade

    Depends on your definition of normal. Reports indicate only 10% of the population is gay, so it isn’t “normal” meaning typical. But reports also indicate about 10% of every species is gay, so it’s “normal” that humans would be included too.

  • Steve Deaths

    Matt Bomer Is The Only Surprise Everyone Else You Could Tell

  • invisible empire

    Jewish Hollywood has always been a hotbed of sodomy and communism (the 3 go hand-in-hand)- just think of the thousands more actors that perform their deviant sexual acts behind closet doors.

  • invisible empire

    Sean Hayes is gay- shocking. Why did this pillow-biter think he had us fooled?

  • Alana Marie

    Nooo… what a shocker, they’re gayer than a handbag full of rainbows

  • Haligonex

    Had them pegged 14 of 16.

  • 1vote10

    DUH to almost every single one!

  • River Vee

    Trolls Are Lame, Joe. Keep Your Name Calling Hate To Yourself.

  • River Vee

    I’ve Only Heard Of About Half Of Them Also, But There Were A Couple Of Surprises For Me. All In All, A Neat Article.

  • Joseph

    Most of these people have come out so not knowing is dependent on the reader. I knew most of the ones I recognized were gay. I don’t actually know who half of them are.

  • Kj Johnson

    Will Smith is gay

  • RulatheRed

    Could be…anyone could be at jeopardy with their careers when they decide to openly come out and announce that they are gay. Just because Robin thanked a “girlfriend” for being there and supporting her through her cancer does not automatically say she is in a sexual relationship with that person. Unless you know these people intimately who’s to say for sure if they are 100% gay or not and more to the point who really cares about the sexual preference of these people. This is a very personal thing that should be kept out of the media and for once concentrate on their gifts and leave their intimate life to the artist. We are living in a life with just too much information!! Now when I look at these people I will be thinking in the back of my head that “he’s” with another guy and what a terrible waste!!! Lol ( just thinking how cute he is) and visa versa.
    Have a great day everyone. Rula

  • Pweety cool

    Am shock about some

  • RaisinCane

    Yep, Robin Roberts is as Jewish as you get.

  • Mike Studyform

    You really are a keyboard warrior – ‘invisible’. I would love to meet you, face to face.

    It’s a shame the internet exists to allow idiots like you some sort of voice. Still now you can go an fiddle with yourself over this response to one of your moronic posts.

  • Gormenghastly

    10% is the “gay lobby” number. 3%-5% is the scientifically accepted statistic.

  • Gormenghastly

    Wow…you exist?

  • Dave Campbell

    Of the ones I had ever heard of, all are openly gay. This is BS journalism (well the whole topic is BS, but never mind).

  • caper0115 .

    Whats do you mean screwed up. your screwed up. ya jerk

  • caper0115 .

    so she is gay ,does that make her less human than you. does she not feel pain or pleasure.come on . we are all different.

  • Bree

    Should’ve added Jim Nabors–not many people know he has been in a same-sex committed relationship for decades.

  • Thalia

    Jodi foster is a lesbian. That football guy that just came out recently is gay but idr his name.

  • Thalia

    I didn’t see Justin bieber? What’s up with that?

  • Thalia

    Amber heard is bi. Rosie O’Donnell is lesbian whatever happen to her?

  • invisible empire

    No-she’s just an immoral negress.

  • invisible empire

    Give me your name and address- I will stop by.

  • invisible empire

    We are legion


    I’ll be glad when this is no long a “shocking” story. And I love Matt Bomer just as he is. He’s a class act.

  • beaverhunter

    Of coarse hes gay look at the wannabe Justin beiber haircut

  • Rose White

    he looks very gay.

  • RaisinCane

    Actually, he was a very good pitcher, had 6 in a row 20 win seasons with the Phillies.

  • CKM

    Only those of religious morals call being homosexual abnormal, and to say it isn’t normal isn’t necessarily saying something it’s bad or wrong. Being a natural red headed person isn’t the norm, thus not normal. People really have to get off this P.C. b.s.
    As for the comment about the stars admitting they are gay, yes coming out of the closet, so to speak, is admitting it. Just like it’d you admitted to liking a certain football team. All out is, is the person confirming the news. Admitting is not derogatory in the slightest.

  • CKM

    You are nothing but a anti semantic homophobic idiot. Do not go hiding behind the bible for your support either because that is, unfortunately the easiest document to destroy with logic.

  • Drummer1969

    Who cares?

  • Hunter

    Because we all want to be Justin Bieber right now

  • Pavel Drofnovski

    I knew all of these except for the people i have no idea who they are

  • Liberace

    Bieber munches tube steak. Dates a Polish lesbian. She likes guys !

  • ken berthiaume

    Sara gilbert is so ugly. Looks like used toilet paper.

  • Joann

    I did not know if a woman called another woman her girlfriend that meant she was a lesbian. In the African American community, when a AA woman refers to another woman as being her girlfriend it does not necessarily mean that they’re gay. A girlfriend can be someone who is closer to them than their own sister. So unless Robin Roberts came out and said she was openly gay, I can not go with oh she mentioned hee girlfriend.

  • JMRobin

    ‘re: Matt Bomer had a big fan following to be Christian Grey in the movie 50 Shades of Grey.
    Most know Bomer is gay as he had publicly come out to the media. Most knew that movie could NOT have a gay man playing the ‘oh so straight character’ Of Christian Grey. It just made no sense to the many other and more mature FANS of the book to have a gay man play that role. Bomer said nothing during the casting nor while the petitioning for him to be Grey was going on the Internet. He had t o nd of internet FANS vote f o r him to get that role.

    Nothing is wrong with being gay, even hiding you are gay is fine until this just doesn’t matter anymore………but BOMER didn’t come out until the casting was done to SAY HE DIDN’T WANT THE PART TO BEGIN WITH. He didn’t stop the FANS from making up little trailers of him for the web to show Universal and the casting directors how good he would look in that role (and he would have looked great on screen-he is a beautiful man)

    BUT HOW HYPOCRITICAL IS IT NOT TO STOP THE FANS SOONER SINCE HE DIDN’T WANT THE ROLE. Instead of gaining fans, he lost some for not speaking up sooner.

    This is a good lesson for all those who are in the acting field or are thinking about becoming ACTORS……BE HONEST WITH FANS/PUBLIC. DO YOUR CRITICAL THINKING AND IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS, GO BACK TO SCHOOL OR READ ABOUT IT.


  • chien_clean

    Most of them were easy to spot.

    Paulson is bie that doesn’t count

  • chien_clean

    He doesn’t even look like one. Even now I have trouble believing it.

  • Eboni

    Agreed!! Calm down, liberals. Always ready to fight people.

  • Jojo

    Where is the 2013 scientific report you’re referencing to back up that statistic? Also, does it include people who are closeted? Those who don’t come out might outnumber the ones who do come out. It’s getting better with time, but if you included the closeted folks, you would probably get a much higher proportion of the population. It’s also very rude of you to undermine the value of LGBT communities who are fighting for basic rights, by implying that they are lying and inflating their numbers strictly for the purpose of lobbying.

  • Jojo

    It’s self-reported data, and most of it is collected door-to-door or by telephone, so any person who does not wish to come out will remain in the closet during an interview. Over time that will change, but you can’t deny the difficulty in acquiring 100% accurate results when determining a statistic on this subject.

  • Jojo

    I know gay men who are more “straight” even in their writing style than you are. They are also more physically fit than I’ll ever be and most of the ones I know fight professionally. They have extremely deep voices and like to drink beer and play video games. They are more masculine than you and your tight little Hershey highway will ever be.

  • Жад Саркис

    Who is that ‘Gandolf’ you speak of?

  • tanya gaddy

    First I could care less who is or isn’t gay and I already knew all but 2 of them were, so just like others stressed how is this relevant to anyone except the author and a way to sell things. Why does this even matter to ppl at all…. oh to interested in what or who someone else is doing cuz they’re not doing nothing or no one in their own lives.

  • Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo

    Who didn’t know Sean Hayes was gay? Seriously?

  • Wik Anod

    So are you, kibax.

  • Wik Anod

    CKM – You have owned this bigoted, racist kibax who, as you say, hides behind the greatest work of fiction (some would say) to peddle hate and abuse, usually borne from fear and deep seated sexual turmoil of ones own. Also, if there were a God, She/He must have a sense of humour, as ‘invisible empire’ realises daily when looking in the mirror…
    Tragic how insecure some folk really are. I pity the fool, she’s probably looking up kibax on google as you read this. Lol.
    Best wishes CKM.

  • Simonetta Logan

    Wheeeeere’s Tom Cruise?

  • Jeff Tarantino

    Next, on “Masters of the Obvious Theater”… Let’s list all famous celebrities we didn’t know were Black!

  • Porico


  • Christy

    She did come out and say that she is infact a lesbian.

  • Tiffany Price

    I already knew Sean Hayes, Jim Parsons, and Chris Colfer were gay. I’m shocked about Matt Dallas. He’s a good looking guy. That’s a shame.

  • Margaret

    I’m sure that most people are too busy living their lives to care who is gay or queer or whatever. So long as they are leaving children and animals alone I could care less. The important thing to me is where is REM. This group was fantastic and should be performing. I am only interested in their talent and we need to see a lot more of it.
    P.S. I am the proud mother of a wonderful gay daughter and a totally redneck son. Now I will put on a rainbow print shirt, turn up REM and enjoy a venison chop.

  • Carl Sutcliffe

    No surprises there

  • ArtyKat

    What doe one look like??

  • Lee Yhang

    im kinda disappointed coz i expect justine Beiber name to appear. :/

  • chien_clean

    More effeminate?

  • Julie Rowland

    Sean Hayes. Duh!

  • KJ

    You had to be living under a rock to not know Chris Colfer was gay… and he was out long before Glee.

  • nicholasi

    Oh yeah, I’m really SHOCKED to discover that Mike Stipes, and Frazier’s simpering brother, and Gandalf the Gay Wiz, and Victor Garber, and that thing from Will & Grace and the thing from Gay Bang Fairy are queer. What a shock! Never heard of the rest, but certainly they don’t look queer — no, never! Who would have guessed?

  • nicholasi

    Oh really? But they are “celebrities”…

  • nicholasi

    Oy vey!

  • nicholasi

    It’s hard to get a job in hollyjewed without getting jiggy with the jew casting directors, most of whom are….

  • oddball1776

    Holy crap nicholasi – these comments !!

    Who are these people whose lives and thoughts revolve solely around – ‘celebrities’ – I’m out of here man, fuck – we are in trouble brah, sorry.


    (edit: a little resistance I see – kikes out in force too, where are we? I feel soiled – I’m off)

  • nicholasi


  • nicholasi

    Oh that’s so hurtful.

  • nicholasi

    Speaking of celebs (but this one is a real celebrity (or was, anyway)): This was banned from an ABC New story entitled “Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Diary Entries Revealed”:


    “Met jew. Drugs. Met jew agent to discuss role. Met jew director to discuss movie. Met jew agent to discuss career. Interviewed by jew for jew magazine. I feel like killing myself.”

  • ralphie44

    I guess its easier than pondering the reality of their own enslavement to organized jewish power.

  • ralphie44


    know WHO to thank

    its an mp3 audio list of the leaders of the gay agenda, quite long, the guy reading it finally gives up at the end because he cant take it anymore.

    google biden jewish influence gay
    g00gle joel stein hollywood cmon
    g00gle time israel jews media control

    all mainstream, from them
    here is last line of the one from LA Times…

    “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”

    know WHO to thank

  • CKM

    The funny thing is I myself believe in God, I just know the bible was written by man. So like man, it’s fallible.
    I personally don’t see how someone who claims to be a Christian, can spew so much hate. The saying is; love the sinner hate the sin.
    I have no problem with anyone’s sexual preference, or sexuality if you are one to go along with the PC b.s., that is the way they choose to live their lives, just like everyone else.

  • CKM

    And thank you. Best wishes to you as well.

  • CKM

    Wow, every time you open that hate spewing hole you call a mouth, you prove my point over and over. You are not a Christian, you are a sad little troll wanting to start discontent. I bet, if you are out of middle school, that you were one that was constantly bullied and had your lunch money taken from you. So now you feel that this is the only way you can feel big is to hide behind a screen and spew this b.s.

  • buckwheet

    nice. keeping it civil.

  • realitychecked

    How idiotic… We didn’t know Sean Hayes was gay? Seriously? Who writes these stupid headlines? Just about everyone on this list is flaming. More over, who cares?

  • Avattoir

    So, to review: MOST of us already knew the celebrities here we were already familiar with were gay — and apparently we don’t care, in the sense it doesn’t materially affect how any of us feels about any of them — and those celebrities with whom you or I or anyone here didn’t know, well, certainly for those people and those celebrities, there’s no standard in the first place against which to measure their change in esteem or whatever.

    What was the purpose of this post?

  • Ian_Llanganagain

    I think they covered quite enough dynamic, young lesbians without Bieber.

  • Ian_Llanganagain

    Wish you would cease stealing valuable oxygen.

  • Ian_Llanganagain

    You sound nothing if not insanely jealous of her appearance.

  • Steven

    And, does it really f…ing matter? Like…. really? Gay, straight, bi, who really gives a crap anymore? People are people and have their loves and hates and everything in between. Being gay is not a crime, we have already established that.

    But it does not make you “special’ in any other way either! Go live your life, love who who you love and quit demanding that everyone pay attention to a certain group.

    I am interested to know if a person is honest, compassionate, hard-working and loves and looks after their family even if the family are bigots, idiots or just lazy!

    The author of this and anyone who really cares “who is gay” need to GET A LIFE!

  • OpedAnderson

    Really? You didnt know?

  • Kevin Morris

    Im “critically thinking” that your post was so off-topic and so overly dramatic for caring about who is chosen for a movie role, that you must have been in a schizophrenic episode when you wrote it. I hope you’re getting treatment.

  • Kevin Morris

    Elle- couldn’t agree more! I can’t believe JMRobin got so worked up over something so unimportant in the grand scheme of things!

  • Kevin Morris

    Lmao!!! Great post Ian!!

  • Kevin Morris

    So, you’re kind of a ignorant idiot, aren’t ya chien_clean?

  • Kevin Morris

    Do you have constant heartburn from all that hate you harbor in your so called heart, nicholasi?

  • pilsnermonkey

    Half of these could be ‘gay people you didn’t know were celebrities.’

  • crinjn2001

    Homosexuality is something I do not know anything about. According to Gods word it is wrong. Yes, Gods word was written by man. No, man is not perfect but it was written by the instructions from the holy sprit, infallible! Period. God loves everyone of his children, just doesn’t always love what we do. I’m not a homophobe and I realize I’m a minority here by being a bible thumper. I do not hate the apple of Gods eye, the Jewish people. But anybody with any common sense knows the direction that Hollywood and this planet is heading. And the one in charge here is the evil one. It’s not a secret that 1% of the population has 95% of the wealth. Get ready, check out the video from eminem. 4•14•14 World Wide Wave of Action Omnipotent. Get ready………..

  • Nolan Orgel

    Wow! I was wondering what happened to Sam. I like him but not enough to start watching The Today Show.

  • Stanley Steamer

    This is stupid because most of these people are quasi-celebrities NOT actual ones.

  • Stanley Steamer

    Being gay is a crime if you are a hot lesbian: such a waste.

  • Stanley Steamer

    Chely who?

  • Stanley Steamer

    Panterachick seriously? Get with the program Dimebag is dead.

  • Stanley Steamer

    UR ignorant because most of this list is made up of quasi-celebrities.

  • Stanley Steamer

    I am thinking 10% to 20% would be more accurate if you factor in all of the gay and bisexual people. Think about how many women go both ways. It’s actually quite common.

  • M Jackson

    And UR ignorant just because.

  • David

    “16 Gay People You Didn’t Know Were Celebrities!” – there, I fixed the title.

  • Orphic Dragon

    “…Didn’t know OR CARE are gay!”

  • aagold76 .

    title should be 16 celebs Straight people didn’t know were gay- I knew 14 of 16- missed 2 because I had never heard of them….

  • Nissim Levy

    Chris Colfer and Sean Hayes are gay? What a shocker. Next you’ll tell me Liberace was gay.

  • panterachick_78@hotmail.com

    What’s him being dead got to do with anything ? “panterchick” has been a email and screen name of mine for 15yrs now. You don’t like musician’s after their gone ? Weird.

  • panterachick_78@hotmail.com

    What’s your point ? I think your missing how this conversation got started…..

  • Bonnie

    Gays on Vulcan, who knew? Cool!

  • DaVe ToNy

    Should’ve been 16 celebrities you don’t give a crap about

  • CoreyQ

    “One website that has ZERO gaydar” Ugh. Clueless writer or gratuitous clickbaiting? Hard to tell…

  • RusteeAB43 .

    Kinda agree – know maybe half of them, that were SO obv and/or already OUT (which begs the question, how is a person out but then we didn’t know?), Ya and the ones I don’t know is because they are on shows that are utter crap (quasi is right…)

  • Sith Lord

    GandAlf, NOT GandOlf. Jesus Christ, learn to spell your subject material.

  • vesey

    i have only heard of about half of these people, how is that “celebrity”. A celebrity is someone you have heard of whether you’ve been off the planet these last 20 years or not….

  • vesey

    nice tirade, but it’s all been said before…………

  • vesey

    i think you are self identifying….

  • vesey

    if you did’nt really care, you would’nt have looked at the article or commented……….

  • vesey

    sheila loves her 100% too…………..

  • vesey

    ok people, this is going to be the hardest thing i have ever done in my life, but can not think of a better place to do it: here goes nothing…..i don’t like any football teams !!………..

  • vesey

    in solitary confinement….he got caught………..

  • vesey

    calm down dude, are other people allowed an opinion ??

  • vesey

    hopefully by the time you’re 8 years old, you’ll learn not to be so hostile………..

  • vesey

    my name is “caper0115″ and i’m going to rant because somebody had an opinion i did’nt like…………….

  • M Jackson

    Of course, even homophobic a-holes like you and White clowns.
    Now let’s see you get angry about an opinion that YOU don’t like.

  • Dalai mama

    A list of gay people I didn’t know were celebrities.

  • beenthere_donethat

    One look at Parsons or Colfer and you don’t even have to ask.

  • chien_clean

    You don’t think most gay are effiminate? I think they are.

  • Kevin Morris

    No. In fact most aren’t. Thats why a large amount of gay people are able to hide it. At least thats been my experience. People I would have NEVER thought were gay, have surprised me many times. The more effeminate ones are just more noticeable because we see the difference.

  • Kevin Morris

    HA! Gaydar definitely trumps radar!!!!

  • Michaël

    16 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Gay : Chris Colfer. Ho please, lol.

    He is so cute, talented and handsome but everybody knows he’s gay, lol.

  • Guest

    stfu he has a point

  • Adanna Uzo

    ummm no, jb’s hair is awful, chris’ hair nice and more coiffed. and its not wannabe

  • Sammygseir

    More like.. 15 celebrities you never heard of.

  • mavrick

    reviewing these ” Celebrities” how do you not know they are gay ??? I found only one surprise for me but others are straight “GAY”!!!!

  • JoFro

    Victor Garber should be Number 1! And who on earth didn’t know Chris Colfer was gay? Seriously?!

  • RHO1953

    Celebrities? I have only heard of about three of them!

  • Florence Robinson

    don’t forget Queen Latifah.

  • Robin Samways

    I don’t know half the people on this list. Couldn’t care less what they are. Nobody’s business but their own.

  • Paul Z. Temperton

    Of these 16 “celebrities”, I have only ever heard of one (Ian McKellan).

  • WmThomas2424

    With the exception of one. All on hear are the prototypical homosexual. The author of this must be either blind or extremely naive.

  • katie

    I am “special” in a negative way because I can’t legally marry the woman I love and because I am denied a little more than 1300 federal rights. So when I get those rights and am able to legally marry, than I will stop demanding attention and become a little less “special.”

  • https://www.facebook.com/stopselfrape Nikita Shalavin

    My name is Nikita Shalavin and I’m a professional Homogay Converter at Brother Lonnie’s University of Faith Facts – BLUFF. If you or your loved one are suffering from a Homogay disease, help is just a mouse click away.
    Please ask our experts on how we can help using a combination of proven methods including behavior modification, psychoanalysis, religious prayer, castration, hypnosis, aversion therapy, mild torture, nausea-producing drugs, electroshock, and brain surgery.

  • David Nichols

    out of the ten actors i knew, i knew 9 of them were gay.

  • Katherine Logan

    lol SERIOUSLY??? Who DOESN’T know they’re gay? (and these people get paid to write these articles?!)

  • mrbrockpeters

    The ones I didn’t know were gay, I just didn’t know period.

  • Brian Holland

    Agree. whoever wrote this article needs to get out more… and read more.

  • Funmi Oluwole

    I can’t believe Neil from White Collar is gay. It doesn’t matter. I still find him do sexy!

  • Blackjack69

    Yeah the title peaked my curiosity .. I guess thats how they get you to click on it but…. Everyone should know these people are gay. I still think Michael C Hall is gay and his VERY short marriage he had was a publicity stunt.

  • John Tiffany

    Sean , you have done the Gay community a lot of harm by letting people know that it’s OK to push people back into the closet and you did it for money- Cash Whore !

  • Calvin Rogers


  • http://notrobsstuff.blogspot.com Robguy

    The only 2 I didn’t know where gay were people I didn’t know at all. A number of them are extraordinarily known for being gay.

  • joe gonzales

    Ya whats going on with this page?

  • Los Gayringo

    I didnt know they suffered the worst disease possible in an age of DNA science and evolution theory?

  • GDHJ

    what idiot wrote this?

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  • Plamela


  • Star Wars Dad

    Surprisingly, it’s a “you didn’t know” list where I really didn’t know, save some of the more famous ones like Ian McKellen and Zachary Quinto. That doesn’t happen very often.

  • Star Wars Dad

    I think it’s always interesting to hear how different people discuss their sexuality differently, or not at all. No matter how socially acceptable it has become, coming out is still a major lifechanger. I especially love reading about those that handle it by never bothering to mention it, but not being afraid of it. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with Loud and Proud, but it’s a completely different type of pride, quiet and confident, that’s equally worth celebrating.

  • Ryan

    Never paid much attention and probably never would have until the “guys” had to start holding hands and necking on some TV shows.. My retired (65+) friends and I don’t watch those shows anymore.. We used to meet and watch Days of Our Lives, but not now…

  • Derek Samuel Roundhead

    All i can say is Come Judgement day,,you’ll all pay for this bad sin that society is okay with….COME ON …open your eyes….Eternity is a long time, no end in sight…Eternity..

  • Elty Quinn

    Chely Wright is not the first country music singer to come out of the closet. k.d. lang came out in the early 1990s when she was still primarily a country recording artist.

  • Larry Carroll