Zach Braff Apologizes To Pharrell For Grammy Tweet

Photo by Picture Perfect/REX

Photo by Picture Perfect/REX

One of the best things about social media is the ability to say whatever is on your mind the instant you think it and share it with the world, obviously however there are some serious concerns with the ability to do so, leading to many people say things that can never be taken back.

Of course because celebrities are considered role models and are constantly scrutinized and watched in case of any minor slip-up, they have to be even more careful about what they say, even if their intention wasn’t to be vicious.

Unfortunately for funny man Zach Braff, 39, he had to learn that lesson the hard way after receiving major backlash for a tweet he sent out during Grammy-winning superstar Pharrell Williams’ performance at the awards show on Sunday (Feb. 8).

During Williams’ performance of his hit “Happy”, Williams wore a complete bellhop costume including the round hat which prompted Braff to create a tweet in which he compared a photo of Williams on stage to the character of the cartoon monkey Finley whom Braff voiced in 2013’s Oz the Great and Powerful.

“Grammys are time-delayed in LA (?!) but someone just sent me this: #IWoreItBetter,” he captioned the comparative picture.

Although it seems Braff didn’t realize what he was insinuating with the picture, many were quick to bring it to his attention, instantly calling the actor racist for the comparison.

Braff eventually deleted the tweet and picture and wrote an apology tweet instead, “I love Pharrell. I though the outfit he wore was similar to that of my bell hop outfit in Oz. I apologize.” Williams has not commented on the controversy or Braff’s apology.

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