Why Kate Middleton Did Not Attend Prince George’s First Day Of School

Photo by REX/Shutterstock

Photo by REX/Shutterstock

It’s hard to believe that Prince George is already 4-years old and attending his first day of school!

On Thursday morning Prince William escorted his son to school at Thomas’s Battersea in the London borough of Wandsworth, England. William and George arrived in a Range Rover and a large crowd of locals gathered outside the school to wave as George was driven through a side entrance and a security gate closed behind them.

Unfortunately, Kate Middleton was unable to attend this milestone day with Prince George due to her pregnancy complications. The royals recently announced that Middleton is pregnant with the couple’s third child but suffers from chronic morning sickness. “Unfortunately The Duchess of Cambridge remains unwell, and will not be able to accompany Prince George on his first day of school,” a Kensington Palace spokesperson stated. “The Duke of Cambridge will drop off Prince George this morning as planned.”

According to onlookers, Prince George looked adorably nervous for the big day and held his father’s hand while looking down at the floor as he walked towards the school. The principal, Helen Haslam, was waiting to greet them and to help Prince George make the transition. The Prince wore his school uniform complete with his classic blue bermuda shorts, high socks and logo v-neck sweater, which is quite reminiscent of the attire Prince William wore on his own first day of school in 1987!

Check out the photos below of both Prince George and Prince William’s first days of school:

Photo by BRENDAN BEIRNE/REX/Shutterstock