Prince William And Kate’s 10 Sweetest Instagram Pics

Prince William and Kate Middleton have a pretty sweet relationship, especially for a royal couple! These two met in university and dated on and off for several years before finally tying the knot in 2011. Since their wedding anniversary is this Friday (yup – it’s April 29th already), we’ve decided to go through some of their sweetest Instagram pics!

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10. Meeting Baby Charlotte

Everyone was super excited when Will and Kate welcomed baby Charlotte into the world in May 2015. We were even more excited when they posed outside the hospital with their newborn baby!

9. George Holds Baby Charlotte

Nothing was cuter than when Prince George held his baby sister, Charlotte. Look at their little faces! Awww!

8. Princess Charlotte’s Christening

William and Kate looked stunning when they arrived at St. Mary Magdalene Church for Charlotte’s christening. Little George was walking and his sister was carried in the Queen’s vintage pram. Don’t they look like the perfect family? We think so!

7. Baby Charlotte

One of the cutest pictures that was posted on Kensington Palace’s Instagram page were the photos of baby Charlotte. The cutest one was definitely the picture of Charlotte with her stuffed dog. We’re thinking she looks an awful lot like her mom!

6. Christmas Family Photo Op

The family photo of Kate, Will and their two adorable children that was released on Kensington Palace’s Instagram account was super cute. We love an impromptu photo op – especially from the young royal family!

5. Prince George’s First Day of School

Prince George’s first day of school photo was pretty sweet. He didn’t look super happy about the prospect of nursery school but, hey, at least he looks cute!

4. Family Skip Trip

We love this family photo that the Cambridge’s took while on a ski vacation in the French Alps. They all look pretty happy and relaxed, including baby Charlotte! Now that’s one beautiful family!

3. Will and Kate in the French Alps

We don’t get enough candid photos of Will and Kate, so when we saw these two of them goofing off together in the snow, we were pretty stoked. These two look perfect together, even in their snowsuits!

2. Will and Kate on a Safari

Will and Kate certainly are adventurous! They went on a safari while on their tour of India and the picture of them riding through the wilderness in a Jeep is pretty awesome. They are one stylish couple!

1. Climbing a Mountain in Bhutan

The young royal couple climbed a mountain in Bhutan and they did it in style! This picture of them when they reached the top makes it look as though they barely broke a sweat!

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