We Weigh In: Which Free Agent Actor Should Y&R Secure Next?

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The Young And The Restless (Y&R) recently signed Passions alum James Hyde for the role of Jeremy Stark. Hyde had been a free agent since his part on TV series Monarca ended last year, so it was a wise pick-up for the CBS soap. Let’s look at three other soap opera actors who are currently without a worthy contract. Don’t forget to vote on your free agent of choice in the poll below! 

Steve Burton

Y&R viewers have been waiting for this acquisition ever since Burton was fired from General Hospital (GH) late last year. Burton would be a natural fit, not only because he has a significant fan following, but because he would reprise the role of Dylan McAvoy. 

Burton portrayed McAvoy from 2013 to 2017 and fans feel that the character demands a comeback. For one thing, McAvoy is a legacy character thanks to his biological parents, Nikki Newman (then Reed) and Paul Williams. The character was also created by Josh Griffith, who is Y&R’s head writer.

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Unlike Diane Jenkins’ comeback, Dylan’s return would be uncomplicated and believable. McAvoy was shipped off to the Witness Protection program, so any number of off-screen developments could warrant his resurfacing. Could a few of those criminals still out to get him? McAvoy’s situation is ripe for fresh drama!

If McAvoy came back to town, it would mean a worthwhile storyline for Sharon (finally). On a more practical level, the former cop could double the number of police officers currently in Genoa City. Since the police commissioner is missing, and Rey is deceased, there’s only so much Chance can do.

Tamara Braun

Recent speculation insists that Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) star Tamara Braun might be exiting the Peacock soap. The fan-favorite recently wrapped up a stint on the show, when her character, Ava Vitali, was chased out of town. Insiders state that Braun has taped episodes with DOOL into November, but that her time with the soap may be coming to an end.

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Braun’s contract limbo could be an ideal opportunity for Y&R. As Tessa and Mariah move forward with their adoption plans, it stands to reason that additional family will come out of the woodwork. The actress would be a natural fit as Tessa’s mother, for example. 

In fact, there has also been some intrigue about Braun joining Y&R. Earlier this week, the show’s music supervisor, RC Cates, posted a photo with the actress. His caption, “Look who got to see me!” suggested that she went looking for her old work colleague, as Cates and Braun previously worked together at GH. Could she have been looking for him on the Y&R set?

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Braun is one of those actresses who drifts from soap to soap, despite her work being warmly acknowledged everywhere she appears. So, will Braun come aboard as Tessa’s mother, or perhaps a recast of Tricia Dennison? Genoa City seems to be rather full of social pariahs right now, but few actresses could pull off Dennison’s mental fragility quite like Braun.

Marci Miller

Now here’s a DOOL actress who is 100% out of her contract! Marci Miller recently left the former NBC soap when her character, Abigail Deveraux, was murdered. In an interview shortly after her exit, Miller acknowledged that DOOL had already offered her an opportunity to return, but she was non-committal. Miller is looking for new opportunities and, from the sounds of another interview, she wasn’t overly impressed with how her character was axed, either.

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Sally Spectra has mentioned her sister, Coco, on several occasions. The character was briefly portrayed by Courtney Grosbeck on The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) in 2017-2018. It goes without saying that B&B didn’t really know what to do with the Spectras, since they let actress Courtney Hope cross over to Y&R. (Big mistake!)

And now that Hope’s become so popular in the role, it’s only a matter of time before her sister shows up in Genoa City. So, if Miller is looking for greener pastures, she would certainly turn heads on Y&R as Spectra’s sibling.

So, which of these free agents should the CBS sudser lock down, before another soap scoops them up? Place your vote below!

Which soap opera free agent should Y&R secure next?

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