We Weigh In: Is Shauna Going To Make A Play For Eric On B&B?

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Even though Quinn and Shauna’s plan to manipulate Ridge blew up in their faces, the Bold And The Beautiful’s former Vegas showgirl has found herself sitting pretty.

Sure, she lost Ridge to Brooke, but that was pretty much inevitable. Shauna and Ridge never even consummated their illegitimate marriage, as far as we know. She pretty much also knew he never loved her and was still caught up in his feelings for Brooke.

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But Shauna has landed on her feet – and how! Eric invited her to live in the guest house on the Forrester estate, while Quinn has been kicked out and relegated to living with her son Wyatt and his girlfriend Flo. Is she going to make a play for Eric though? If so, there’s one big obstacle standing in her way – his wife, and her bestie.

Quinn was stunned to find out Shauna was living there and asked her outright if she was after Eric. She also told Shauna she shouldn’t be there. “If you were my friend, you would leave.” Shauna, of course, denied having any designs on Quinn’s husband, but is that true?

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Speaking to Eric in her honey-sweet voice, she seems to have conned him into believing she is just as much of a victim of his wife’s schemes as Brooke and Ridge. Shauna even pleaded with him to take Quinn back. “All she wants is a chance to make it up to you so please don’t give up on her,” Shauna said. “I want to convince you to open up your heart to Quinn.” Then she packed her bag and said she needed to leave.

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But Eric wasn’t having it and told her she was staying put. After he left, Shauna gazed at the portrait of Quinn on the wall. Her eyes got wide and she smirked, which gave viewers pause about her intentions. Many wondered if she was imagining her own portrait there.

After losing the war with Brooke for Ridge, will Shauna decide to battle it out with Quinn over Eric?

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Bonnie Byrne

Bonnie Byrne

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