Teen Mom OG’s Tyler Baltierra Denies Claims He Cheated On Catelynn

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There was a lot of Twitter drama for Teen Mom stars over the weekend, and while Teen Mom OG’s Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra are rarely involved in any of it, this was too big for Tyler to ignore.

On Saturday, January 27 a follower tweeted Tyler a “blind item” from the gossip site Crazy Days and Nights. Blind items are used to expose shocking secrets about celebrities, and this one seemed aimed at Tyler as it read, “This Teen Mom star has been cheating on his significant other for almost a year. Eventually, when she starts having a clear head she is going to catch on and that could finally push her over the edge to suicide.”

Fans of the Teen Mom OG stars are well aware that Catelynn recently entered treatment for the third time because of her struggle with mental health issues. Tyler immediately responded to the blind item, tweeting, “Is this a joke or?!??! It’s kinda hard to tell these days.”

After more fans pointed out that often these blind items turn out to be true, another showed Tyler a different blind item that had been “revealed” to be about him and Catelynn which read,  “The MTV cameras have turned a blind eye to the cheating by this significant other of an OG Teen Mom because it doesn’t fit in the storyline for this season for the couple.”

After seeing the second blind item, Tyler became more concerned and tweeted, “Okay, so yes, I should just ignore this & yes, since I know it’s not true I shouldn’t be paying attention to it. BUT I’m a very stubborn individual & have always got a thrill from seeking out justice & facts. SO, Mr. @entylawyer here I am calling you out! Let’s see evidence,” he tweeted, tagging the blog’s official Twitter account.

“Enty Lawyer” responded, suggesting that Tyler definitely seemed “defensive” and “cced” Farrah Abraham and her ex Simon Saran. The response prompted Baltierra to write, “So what is this then? A ‘blind item’ revealed? Are you saying your sources are Farrah & Simon? Good lord help us all! It’s sounding more & more crazy, the more you talk. So please keep going…indulge me.” Their exchange prompted Saran to chime in, leading into a war of words between him and Baltierra.

Saran wrote, “Here’s not so much of blind item. Your shmuck of a wife chain smoking while she’s pregnant and you cheering her on like the punk bitch you are. Hopefully your child didn’t develop and health issues. Irresponsible scum bags. #teenmomog @mjfree you are fantastic job! #TeenMomOG.” Tyler responded with, “That’s you ‘ripping my ass a new one?’ Seriously!? OMG I’m even more embarrassed for you than I was before hahaha I expected better from you Simon. You are losing your touch with insults! Come up with something good & original next time.”

While some suggest that Tyler’s response would have made some think he was guilty, Tyler added, “I ain’t here for victory. I’m here for TRUTH!”

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