Teen Mom OG Recap: Farrah Abraham Officially Leaves Teen Mom



After a dramatic season, the Monday, March 12 episode of Teen Mom OG finally brought fans to the moment they had been waiting for — Farrah Abraham’s exit from the series.

The previous episode ended with executive producer Morgan J. Freeman going to Farrah’s house to discuss her poor treatment of the crew and her continued participation in the adult entertainment field, and this episode revealed the fallout from that confrontation.

“We want to look at how people are treated. For example, Kristin — who we all love, who we think is doing a great job — isn’t here today. You don’t snap your fingers and say ‘new producer’ and we fly one in. I think some compassion and understanding. Everybody is working,” Morgan explained to Farrah.

Of course in Farrah’s reality she is completely understanding and is not being unreasonable. “I am so compassionate. I am so understanding, I am working my ass of just like everyone,” Farrah responded. “I respect a lot of people who respect me … I mean, you’re doing other Teen Moms, she can just go bounce around and annoy the s—t out of everybody else.” Freeman than said, “Out of nine moms, you’re the only one that’s a problem,” adding that she is “difficult.”

After discussing the poor treatment of his crew, he moved into the more sensitive subject of Farrah’s adult entertainment line of work, which he made clear could not continue while she appeared on Teen Mom OG. You had said you weren’t going to continue to do the adult videos, that you had decided not to go down that path,” he tells her before reiterating that it is completely her choice. “Nobody’s here to cast judgement on anything, but if you chose to work in the adult industry, we can’t continue to film your story for Teen Mom. This was a conversation that happened above me, without me, and has been given to me to come bring to you … It’s basically a decision where we’re asking you. You have had this critical role from 16 & Pregnant all the way to this. No one’s saying that you can’t do this. It’s just that if you’re going to go down that path, we can’t keep shooting this path.”

Farrah then told them she didn’t have to “choose anything” and told them to leave, but later called with her final decision. “Honestly, webcams or adult entertainment or healthy sex lives or safe sex or all these things — all that stuff is more beneficial and I will always continue to do that, regardless if it’s my own show, not on MTV anymore. There are so many paths for me in my life. Hell, I’m only 26,” she told Freeman, who responded with telling her should do whatever she feels is right for herself and her family.

“Well then I will just have my lawyers contact you guys and I wish you guys all the best.”

Of course, it has now been reported that Farrah has sued MTV, its parent company Viacom and the production studios over the discrimination she faced because of her sexuality. Meanwhile, reports also surfaced that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee will be replacing Farrah as the fourth mom on the show.

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