Teen Mom OG Recap: Bristol Palin And Dakota Meyer’s Marriage Crumbles On Camera



In true Teen Mom OG fashion it seems as some relationships only get stronger, others crumble and in the second episode of season 7B titled “Unconditional Love”, new Teen Mom OG star Bristol Palin’s marriage to Dakota Meyer finally broke down.

In the season premiere, audiences were not only introduced to Palin, Meyer and their family as new stars of the show, but also to their extreme marital problems and this episode picked right back up with the pair mutually agreeing it was better for them and their kids if they split up. “It’s not that I don’t love my life here, it’s that I don’t like my marriage at all,” Bristol said, while Dakota said he was fighting for “something that I know is gone,” and that he wanted a home where he received support.

“I fully take responsibility of becoming cold. And I am sorry. I’m sorry that I’m that way,” she said to Dakota. “I don’t think that you deserve to have a wife that’s that way, and I want you to have a sense of peace. But I think a divorce is the best thing for our kids. … I do feel like we are better people when we’re not together.”

Meanwhile, the second new star Cheyenne Floyd encountered her own bout of drama when her daughter’s father, Cory, told her dad that her boyfriend Zach was already living with her. After finding out about Cheyenne and Ryder’s living situation from Cory, Cheyenne’s father was not happy and as her stepmother tried to say that he loves her unconditionally, Mr. Floyd stepped in saying, “no, there are conditions,” which greatly upset Cheyenne.

Looking at Teen Mom OG’s longest-standing couple, fans were hoping for happier moments between Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra after Tyler admitted in the premiere he was beginning to resent Catelynn and was not happy in their marriage. In this episode, Catelynn decided to leave treatment early in order to surprise Tyler and Nova, and while both are happy to have her home, things are clearly still not stable between Cate and Tyler. After Tyler explained in therapy that Carelynn seems to have no idea there is a problem in their relationship, his therapist advised that they watch the show together – something they never do. However, when he arrived home and shared the tips with Catelynn, she broke down crying over the idea.

After the premiere saw Amber Portwood gush about how happy she is after welcoming her son James with her boyfriend Andrew Glennon, it seems her mental health issues began to creep up again. In the episode Amber admitted that despite being so happy in her personal life, she still feels deeply depressed, and after going to the doctor she was put back on medication for anxiety and depression. “I’m so happier with my life right now, I’ve never been happier, but I’m depressed. It just makes you feel kinda stupid,” she admitted.

As for Maci, she and her husband Taylor were still dealing with how to proceed after filing a protective order against her son Bentley’s dad Ryan Edwards, but there was an adorable moment when Taylor and Maci’s son Maverick got his first haircut!

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