Reality Steve Bachelor 2020 Spoilers Update: New Ending And Engagement Revealed

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Last Thursday, Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve revealed reported on a few things regarding the finale rose ceremony, what might happen post-show, and the winner of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Reality Steve has more updated information that may fill-in-the-blanks further and also corrected some spoilers he was wrong about.

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For many Bachelor Nation fans, Peter’s mother’s plea of “Don’t let her go… Bring her home to us” may have been super confusing for many viewers. Many have wondered who she was referring to and when the famously tease clip would appear on the show. According to Reality Steve, Peter’s mom crying “was the same day … when Madison met the parents.” He admitted that “never knew who she was talking about” and “most people assumed it was Madison,” but it’s not. He goes on to say, “You’ll see tonight Barbara is talking about Hannah Ann. I don’t wanna say the family didn’t like Madison, but after meeting both, the family was much more pro-Hannah Ann. But Peter’s mind is on Madison. That’s where the struggle happens.”

Earlier last week, Reality Steve revealed that Madison leaves prior to the final rose ceremony. “I don’t even think it’s the morning of either, because that doesn’t really fit,” says Reality Steve. “I believe she leaves the day before.” One thing the spoiler king can confirm is when Chris Harrison speaks to Peter at the final rose ceremony saying “There’s something I need to tell you, something we all just found out” does not have to do with Madison leaving. According Reality Steve, “Peter already knew that happened. Chris Harrison is telling Peter something along the lines of Hannah Ann is considering leaving too. But, ultimately, she doesn’t.”

Of course, last week Reality Steve was adamant that Peter decides not to have a rose ceremony in Australia, and no proposal happens, but after he was given new information, that story has changed quite a lot.

Reality Steve admitted he was wrong about Peter canceling the final rose ceremony until he could speak to Madison, who had already left. Apparently, that didn’t happen at all. He goes on to say, “Peter gave Hannah Ann his final rose AND they got engaged that day. Don’t ask how I didn’t find out that for 3 months, because I don’t know. But yes, Peter and Hannah Ann did get engaged on the final day in Australia.”

Despite the engagement, Peter and Hannah Ann have since broken up. Apparently viewers will see how this plays out during the scene of him telling someone “I’m so sorry…never expected this to happen” that was teased. “Peter is 100% definitely not with Hannah Ann right now as I reported, nor will he somehow end up with her in the next two nights,” Reality Steve says. “There will be a very intense conversation with her once she’s live in studio tomorrow night.”

When Peter broke the engagement off with Hannah Ann, he ultimately decided to pursue Madison.

In regards to Madison and Peter’s relationship now, fans will find out tomorrow night and when they are together on After The Final Rose. Reality Steve can confirm that the two are together, and not engaged. There might be a proposal on ATFR, but it’s not certain.

The Bachelor‘s two-night event will air on Monday, March 9, and on Tuesday, March 10, at 8 p.m. ET.

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