Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2020: Reality Steve Finally Confirms Peter’s Winner

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The answer to “who does Peter Weber pick at the end of his season?” has finally been answered!

On Thursday, March 5, Reality Steve confirmed who Peter Weber’s winner is and the answer may (or may not) be a surprise to many. The Bachelor spoiler King has found more information about Peter Weber’s winner and the entire timeline on how everything went down between them.

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Reality Steve reports that Madison Prewett doesn’t show up to the final rose ceremony, leaving Hannah Ann Sluss as the only contestant left. Instead of choosing Hannah Ann he “calls off the final rose ceremony until he can talk to Madison.” Unfortunately, Madison has left Australia and is back home in the USA, so he will have to leave and go to the US just to talk to her.

According to Reality Steve, Peter says, “To know I’m making the right decision and have a clear conscience, I need both of you to be here,” meaning he won’t dismiss Hannah Ann so easily.

Reality Steve then goes on to say, “He doesn’t even make a pick either way and says he won’t until he at least has a chance to talk to Madison and have them both be there. He doesn’t want Hannah Ann to feel like he picked her [because] Madison left and she was the only one left standing. He needs to figure this out, and he can’t do that without speaking to Madison.”

This of course means that during the the final rose ceremony in Australia no pick is made and there is no engagement.

Once Peter is back in the US, he had to reportedly really work hard to win over, not Madison, but also her family – as you have seen on the show already, Madison’s parents were not overly supportive of Peter marrying their daughter. Her family was still unsupportive in the matter and Madison didn’t take Peter back right away either. “There was definitely some down time where nothing was happening between them,” says Reality Steve.

The Bachelor star had to figure out how he could prove he was being authentic after what happened in Australia. “Lets just say there was a lot soul searching, some real tough conversations, and he really had to win over the family” Reality Steve says. “Peter and Madison were able to talk about stuff but realized how hurt she was by what she did and it was very intense.”

Reality Steve went on to confirm that Peter and Madison are together right now, but not engaged.

“We will see footage of how it all came to be after filming in Australia ended, because that’s when his ‘courtship’ of Madison had to happen,” he says.

After finally confirming a winner for the season, Reality Steve also revealed why this season went “unspoiled” for so long. “Because when Peter left Australia, everything was still in limbo. He hadn’t chosen either girl, but, he also hadn’t rejected either girl either. He would not make any decision until he spoke to Madison, and Madison was now back in the states,” Reality Steve revealed.

The Bachelor season finale and AFTR airs Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10.

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