The Bachelor’s 6 Wackiest Contestants

Source: ABC/ Rick Rowell

It’s not a surprise that when a bunch of beautiful strangers are put into a house to battle for the attention and affection of one person, who just happens to be extremely good looking, you’re gonna get yourself some crazy! And let’s face it, that what we as Bachelor fans are looking for is a person to shake things up and make the show a little more interesting. This list takes a look at some of The Bachelor’s wackiest contestants ever!

6. Kelsey Poe

This crazy lady has come to be known by Bachelor fans as “The Black Widow.” Kelsey appeared on Chris Soules season of the show and seemed to be more than willing to cash in on the tragic tale of her husband’s death. Her late husband collapsed and passed away while walking to work when his heart stopped at the age of 42. Many fans were shocked by the way in which Kelsey told Chris her story and followed it up with a purportedly faked panic attack. When EMS were called to assist the distraught widow, she stated “I’m gonna get a rose tonight, for sure.” One of the most ghastly things she said was “Isn’t my story amazing?! It’s tragic but it’s amazing. I love my story!” This left many wondering just how truthful she was being about her husband’s passing. Since the season aired, Kelsey has accused the show’s producers of editing the series in such a way to make her look awful just for ratings and that this caused her extreme emotional damage for which she is currently seeking therapy. She believes the show should cover her costs.

5. Ashley Iaconetti

Ashley prides herself on her supposed resemblance to a Kardashian, but may I make a comparison here? Ugh, hello…Amy Winehouse…with sparkles? So Ashley was also a part of the season starring Prince Farming, Chris Soules, and she made no secret of her virginity. Of course, when she confided in Chris, she truly expected some sort of a prize. When Soules didn’t immediately plant a smooch on her, she commented, “I don’t want him to respect me that much!” And of course, no one can forget her rage over not receiving the princess date and the way she dressed up anyways and chomped down on some corn on the cob. This girl’s tears were a crocodile mile and they didn’t stop after she was booted from the Bachelor. Ashley appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and shed countless salty springs over Jared Haibon.

ABC video still via Wet Paint

4. Ashley Salter

This girl definitely raised the bar on the wacky scale! She did everything from wander the grounds aimlessly and interrupt bachelor Chris Soules’ interviews. And this behavior didn’t stop when she left the bachelor mansion. While on Bachelor in Paradise, Ashley had some interesting relationships with the wildlife in Mexico and seemed to learn how to communicate with the birds…Although, we must say, our favorite Ashley moment was probably when she mistook a pomegranate for an onion. “Every person you meet is like an onion. You cut them, but when you cut them, you peel them back and what you do is you peel them back layer by layer. That to me is an onion…it’s blooming. Take a look at the freakin’ onion. Look at this onion. Seriously, I’m not even kidding. That’s a freakin’ onion. I swear it’s an onion. Can I just please just pick it? If it’s a pomegranate, then god bless it. It is a pomegranate. It is. Wow! I feel powerful!” Ashley is now engaged to her college sweetheart Austin Brannen. Best of luck!

3. Stacey Elza

While she didn’t even make it past the first rose ceremony, Stacey Elza will be forever remembered by Bachelor fans! This woman upped the ante when she gave bachelor Matt Grant a pair of her panties to make her first impression. That was quickly followed up by her drunkenly passing out in a spare bedroom before the cocktail party was over. Obviously, she didn’t win the love of the bachelor, although that seems to have worked out alright for her. In an interview with, she reported that she had started seeing someone after the show and he laughed along with her about the whole incident. Classy!


2. Tierra LiCausi

Tierra LiCausi may just be the biggest crier in Bachelor history! And if the crocodile tears weren’t enough drama, she was also rushed to hospital after tripping down the stairs. When Tierra appeared on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All just a few weeks after Sean Lowe sent her packing, she was sporting a massive diamond ring and stated that she was engaged to a “mystery man” that she had known before The Bachelor. Fellow contestant, AshLee Frazier raised her eyebrow sky high and said, “If she is [engaged], I wish her all the best, but it may just be a hoax. Who knows? You know how rumors are. With Tierra, we can’t really put too much past her. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case.” And of course, the engagement was later “called off”…


1. Michelle Money

So Michelle has been able to redeem herself after appearing on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise, but back in the day many Bachelor fans will remember Michelle Money as the coo coo for cocoa puffs contestant on Brad Womack’s season. Her aggression towards Brad and the other women dropped the jaws of fans as they watched her scheme for attention. And when she mysteriously woke up with a black eye, she simply responded that she must have had a “rough night.” She also threatened to replicate her injury on Brad if he didn’t grant her a one-on-one date. We’re grateful that he did because who knows what kind of wrath he would have incurred if he didn’t! We never did learn how Michelle got that black eye…


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