MTV Responds To Complaints About Ryan Edwards’ Impaired Driving On ‘Teen Mom OG’

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MTV has publicly responded to criticism received over Ryan Edwards’ impaired driving on the season finale of Teen Mom: OG. After the final episode aired on Monday, June 26, fans questioned why MTV didn’t intervene when it was clear Edwards was not in a right state of mind to be driving.

MTV released a statement claiming, “MTV does not condone driving under the influence. Ryan’s erratic behavior was due to actions that he took without anyone’s prior knowledge.” The shocking scene featured Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer driving to their wedding ceremony. Standifer questioned Edwards’ impaired state, but he denied her accusations that he’s on drugs. She eventually turned the cameras off inside the car and could be heard asking, “Did you take Xanax again?”

Due to the fact that the footage was filmed on a dashboard camera in the car rather than a live person, it would have been difficult for MTV to mitigate the situation while it was happening, and no one from MTV saw him take anything. Concerned fans took to Twitter to voice their disappointment in the production staff of Teen Mom: OG. One fan wrote, “@MTV you guys need to hold Ryan Edwards responsible for driving while intoxicated. @TeenMomOG.”

Another concerning factor for fans regarding this situation is why Standifer didn’t step in herself to prevent the situation if she was questioning his sobriety. One fan wrote, “MTV & Mackenzie let Ryan drive high. After the first 5mins one of them should’ve told him to pull over smh #TeenMomOG.”

Edwards previously released a statement claiming that he is clean and doing well after checking into rehab following the disturbing footage of him played during the finale.

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