Matt Lauer’s Most Awkward Interview

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The Today Show on-air talent opened up the Facebook page for a line of questioning from fans. One fan prodded Matt Lauer, and insisted on knowing the anchors most awkward interview. The answer came as no surprise, because many of us saw it. And it was a doozy.

Rewind about 10 years, when all had become antsy in the world. We were just a few years removed from 9/11, and people were starting to get itchy with all of the “National Security” chatter and implementation. George W. Bush was still the president, and people were gravitating toward contentious and odd behavior. Everything was up for debate. Life was a little bit like the comments section of YouTube–not very enjoyable.

No, this awkward, Matt Lauer interview did not take place with military personnel, or a public official. It was between Matt Lauer, and a very well-known celebrity. And it seemed the celeb was irritated to the point of anger when discussing a certain topic with Matt. The two disagreed, and Matt received a chiding–he was insulted on air.

To editorialize, and pull from my own sense memory, I can remember watching this interview agreeing with the celebrity… but also thinking, “This person seems angry and crazy. Am I angry and crazy, too? I don’t want to be associated with this platform if it belongs to their most infamous organization.”

Regardless of the awkward interview, Matt remains on good terms with the celebrity to this day, and has done several interviews with the individual in question.

Have you figured it out, yet? If you’re thinking Russell Crowe or Rosie O’Donnell, those are excellent guesses, but incorrect. Check out the video below to see who it is.

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