Co-Stars Dish: 10 Worst Celebrities To Work With!

Despite all the glory and fame, there are plenty of moments when working in Hollywood is far from wonderful. Nobody knows this better than the co-stars, directors and crew members working behind the scenes with celebrities who are known for being notoriously difficult to work with.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is well known for her less than glamourous headlines. The Canyons director, Paul Schrader, has stated that working with Lindsay was frustrating. Schrader noted that she cannot get into a role on command. Lohan was often late for shoots or would simply not show up, due to her inability to conjure the right mood for the character. All the drama aside, Schrader is still convinced that Lohan was the best choice for the role.

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  • Chris Humphries

    Errr, referring to Christina as a “respected pop singer” is a Mr-Fantastic-esque kind of stretch.

  • UltraModerate

    Should have been retitled “10 amateurs who get more attention than their meager talents deserve.”

  • Eoghan-Tony Dwyer

    People worshipped like Gods are assholes!! Stop the presses.

  • Mrteapot

    Wait Megan Fox is “dumb as a rock” shocked!

  • Bodeanicus

    $10 says Michael Bay wrote the “open letter” about Fox. He’s mad she let LaBeouf hit it, and not him. He’s the director’s world equivalent of a frat boy.

  • Jennabean

    Such a shame such pretty woman but I guess only on the outside

  • Alli

    Megan Fox is a huge sweetheart – this list is bullshit

  • Jack

    They need a much longer list.

  • PETE


  • RS

    Oh, Gwyneth! She used to be sweet. What happened?

  • stephanie

    i actually have a friend who was a crew member on the transformer movies, he said megan fox was very nice to everyone but the real diva was shia lebof. he said shia was a pretentious asshole who thought he was better then everyone and very difficult

  • JeffereyzBagelz

    I still wanna bang Meagan Fox

  • Lp

    christina’s breast implants couldnt look more fake!

  • Greg Hanna

    True , but would that stop most of us ?


    My 10 people would be
    1. Simon Cowell
    2.Betty white
    3. Steve Zahn
    4.Justin Timberlake
    5. Taylor Lautner
    6.Megan Fox
    7.Jamie Lynn spears
    8.Britney spears
    9.Angelina Jolie
    10.Jennette McCurdy.

  • Lp


  • vggirl

    Betty White?? Haha

  • tae boy

    What do u expect when these people have the money and fame. They think they are God and many times forget there is a God. Live a life of multiple sins.

  • Say what?

    Ahhhhh…. The judgmental soapbox preaching a of another self righteous religious snob. You are aware god does not exist, yes? Of course not, that would involve critical reading of course materials for biology, physics, history… So boring when it’s so fun to spew repetitive thoughtless phrases that have been beaten into your brain. You could easily read the bible and come to the conclusion about the absence of this god, but again, that involves reading and thinking…

  • tae boy

    A religious snob ha. Let me tell you something maybe you can thank God or some of these religious people for keeping the world as sane as possible. Because whether there is a God or not we are lucky that laws were made under the religious thought that Murder, Greed, Theft or ay type of misconduct is bad and people should be persecuted for them. Do you ever think of that or you are just too cool to believe in any higher being therefore the actions and attitudes of these divas in the article are in good taste for you in addition to murder rape theft etc. I would rather be with a religious group living a safe and sane lifestyle than go out and clame to be too cool for any following and live a life of “sin”

  • Lindsey Trainor

    I bet most of this is just coming from jealous women and guys who couldn’t hit it. Maybe it’s true for a couple of them but honestly it’s usually jerks who think everyone around them is a jerk.

  • Nad

    I have a friend who was an extra in Jennifers Body and everyone loved Megan Fox. She shared a donut with one of the extras. On the other hand, same girl did extra work on Life As We Know It and Katherine Heigl was a horrible human being. Cursing at crew members and walking off during scenes.

  • Bill

    I see Charlie Sheen is with all the hot women again.

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  • PinkBunnyKink

    I find it interesting that 9/10 of these actors are women. Surely there are male actors who are difficult to work with.

  • Kenny Powers

    January Jones and Megan Fox belongs strip clubs not acting studios

  • cat

    shes fake fake boobs etc

  • laughing man

    Have to ask how could you even make a list with out having met and interacted with any of these people

  • Bill Norris

    Betty White, are you serious? She’s the sweetest lady.

  • Bill Norris

    Like Pete above…

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