Kiara Barnes Weighs In On Her Divisive B&B Exit 

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Actress Kiara Barnes has spoken up about her Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) exit and, as it turns out, she has a very different take on her last scene than many viewers have.

At a press junket for her new prime time show, Fantasy Island, Barnes was asked by whether she wished her character, Zoe, had been given the opportunity to rip into Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) over the affair they had behind her back. 

“Zoe had already had so many of those big dramatic moments beforehand with Thomas and all that,” Barnes responded, citing her scenes with actor Matthew Atkinson. 

“I actually enjoyed this perspective of where all of that intensity totally fell on Rena and Lawrence and their characters of Carter and Quinn like, ‘Where do we go from here?’” Barnes continued. “They did all of the messing around, so I think it was only [right] for the fans to see what happens on their end.”

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Barnes’s perspective, while unique and optimistic, certainly wasn’t shared by the vocal majority of B&B fans. For weeks, while Zoe was unaware of what her confidant and estranged fiancé were up to, viewers felt that the story arc would culminate with a dramatic show-stopper. The fact that Barnes’s departure had already been announced — and there was no chatter of recasting the role — seemed to support this build-up.

However, that build-up instead culminated with Paris (Diamond White) telling her sister the truth and Zoe looking disappointed as she caught her flight out of L.A. Viewers found this conclusion disappointing and Zoe’s reaction out of character, but Barnes again feels differently.

“I thought that the ending was pretty good, and I also thought that Paris being the one to tell me [about the affair] was also sweet because they had gone through so much” she admitted. 

“It was a lot of ups and downs through Zoe and Paris’s relationship, so I thought it was kind of a sweet ending,” she added. “It showed that connection of Zoe and Paris becoming sisters again.”

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