Jacqueline MacInnes Wood And Thorsten Kaye Preview B&B’s Wedding Madness

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The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) may be preempted until American Thanksgiving festivities are over, but Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) and Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) are ready to tide viewers over with the inside scoop!

When we last saw Ridge and Taylor, they were about to get remarried while a horrified Steffy – who’d just learned that Thomas sabotaged their father’s marriage to Brooke – looked on.

“She was stunned when Douglas revealed that Thomas used Douglas’ voice app and acted like Brooke,” Wood shared with Soap Opera Digest (SOD). 

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“Steffy is so mad at Thomas. She wanted Ridge and Taylor to come together because they realized they belonged together, not through a lie,” Wood continued. “She is happy Douglas told the truth.”

Steffy wants her parents to reunite more than anyone, but her brother’s manipulation has crossed a sacred line for her. And when Carter asks if anyone objects to the marriage, the Forrester co-CEO can no longer suppress the truth!

“She was hoping Thomas would step forward, and that didn’t happen,” Wood explained. “Then she was hoping that Taylor would step forward, and that didn’t happen.” 

While nobody expected Thomas to own up to his betrayal, B&B fans will be surprised to learn that even Taylor is willing to keep the secret hidden. That leaves the awful task to Steffy.

“When she realizes that Ridge is entering this marriage based on a lie, she objects,” Wood added. “Ridge has told everyone all he wanted was someone who wouldn’t lie to him.”

So, how does Ridge take the news?

“Talk about betrayal,” Kaye told SOD. “Ridge and Brooke have been together for the last 35 years, on and off; that’s always been the endgame.”

Viewers might see Kaye’s summary of Ridge and Brooke’s turbulent relationship as a little too tidy, but let’s not get bogged down in semantics. “Bridge” has always been about destiny, after all.

“I think for him to walk away from her to be with someone else, it was a big deal, thinking he knew everything,” Kaye continued. “But now, of course, he feels betrayed because he left her for something that wasn’t her fault.” 

Although Kaye doesn’t reveal anything about Ridge’s upcoming scenes with Brooke, he does hint at how Ridge’s relationship with his son will change, now that the truth is out. 

“This whole past six months, eight months, you just feel like he was getting better,” Kaye explained, echoing viewers’ sentiments about Thomas’ apparent rehabilitation. “He wasn’t with mannequins anymore, and it seemed like everything was going to be great.”

“To see that he would do this and he would lie to his dad, when he knew how much Ridge wanted to be with Brooke, and then he was caught in the middle?” Kaye assessed. “His phone call is the thing that changed everything.”

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