Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams Reveals His Objections In Custody Battle



Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams and his estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee have reached a temporary agreement in their ongoing custody battle.

TMZ reported that the former couple will share joint legal custody of the two kids and neither parents can make derogatory comments about the other in front of the children. “Aryn is pleased to have an arrangement that will provide stability and continuity for the children so that their best interests are the highest priority, ” Aryn’s attorney stated to E! News.

Drake-Lee initiated a legal battle with the Grey’s Anatomy star when she asked for full custody of their two children. Jesse Williams fought back and called her declaration “riddled with fabrications, misstatements and mischaracterizations.” Aryn attempted to argue that Jesse’s “busy and unpredictable work schedule as a celebrity” caused him to be absent in their children’s life, but Jesse fought back claiming that his career doesn’t define his parenting.

“Despite Aryn’s claims throughout her Declaration, I am equally capable of caring for [our two kids],” Jesse wrote in documents. “I have always played a constant and significant role in their lives. I have been to their medical appointments, school events and extracurricular activities.”

“I am in my 9th year on Grey’s Anatomy,” he wrote. “The structure and demands of my work schedule are the same as they were when we were married and when decided to have our wonderful children. Working full time did not keep me from being a doting parent then and it should not now.”

Jesse also added that his ex “refuses to communicate with me about the children. Aryn is unilaterally parenting our children without any input from me,” he alleged. “Her marginalizing of me as their father is deeply disconcerting.”

Aryn also stated she didn’t want their daughters meeting Williams’ girlfriends unless it was serious so now both Williams and Aryn have to adhere to another agreement which is neither “shall introduce a person with whom he or she has a romantic relationship to the children until the relationship has endured at least 6 months.”

Fortunately, as of now the two feuding exes still hold equal legal custody of both children despite Aryn’s claims.

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