Ellen Page Talks To Stephen Colbert About Coming Out

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Ellen Page stopped by The Colbert Report to chat with Stephen about a variety of topics, including X-Men: Days of Future Past, as well as her recent announcement that she was gay, and tired of feigning otherwise. As you’d suspect, the interview took a turn for the comedic.

Regardless of anything sexual, Ellen Page is one of the most easily adored young actresses working in Hollywood. It came of no surprise when she announced that she was gay. She has long seemed disenchanted with the celeb worship of her career choice–almost as if she had been hiding something.

As she revealed in February, Ellen was hiding something that was very important to her. Something she hoped to share with the world, but lacked the courage to do so. Well… no longer. And Ellen has grown so comfortable in answering questions, that she’s probably tired of talking about it. Stephen Colbert offered a little grace in the form of scripted humor, for which, as you’d imagine, Ellen Page was completely game. She’s a funny gal.

In a remarkable twist, Ellen decided to come out as something else on The Colbert Report. Rumors have been floating for years that Ellen Page might be… Canadian. And Ellen finally admitted to it. She is. Every bit of Canadian as one might imagine. She’s so Canadian one of her nicknames is “The Tiny Canadian.”

Not stopping there, Stephen urged Ellen to partake in a script read that he prepared for her. A “What if…?” His hope: Ellen should have truly waited to announce her sexuality to the world on his show. To see the hilarity, check out the video below.

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