Bachelor In Paradise’s Vinny Ventiera Details Updated Post-Scandal Rules

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Fans were shocked when rumors swirled of a potential cancellation of season four of Bachelor in Paradise after the controversial scandal between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. After DeMario was cleared of any wrongdoing, the production announced they would continue filming but this time with a new set of rules to avoid any similar instances happening in the future.

Vinny Ventiera, who starred on Jojo Fletcher’s Bachelorette season, shared the updated set of rules with E! News, “The most significant change was we had a limit on what we could drink,” he said. “We were only allowed two drinks per hour so every hour, we’d have a log and we’d go up there and get two drinks.”

“Also, we had to make sure, on camera, that if we wanted to spend the night with a significant other that it would be on camera and consensual,” Ventiera revealed. “On-camera consent. As if it’s not already awkward that you’re on camera hanging out with somebody, now you have to go in front of the camera and look at it and go, I’m willing to go spend the night with this person. It wasn’t a buzzkill, but it was a little bit of a speed bump.”

Vinny also shared that filming was reduced from the usual 18 days in Paradise to just 10 days. “It was cut down to 10 days. It was definitely rapid-fire,” Ventiera revealed. “Less hours of sleeping, up bright and early. They had to squeeze a whole show into 10 days. I think they accomplished it, I think its going to be good. I look forward to seeing it because once we film, you never know whats going to happen once they air it. I hope at least I’ll have a good edit.”

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Monday August 14 on ABC.

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