8 Celebrity-Inspired Ways To Wear A Braid

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Braiding hair is a technique we mastered as children and is a surefire way to add extra detail and visual appeal to any look. Whether it be a messy, textured style or a structured, polished bun, braids will always remain trendy and never fail to grab attention. Celebrities are definitely in on this hair styling secret and have proven to rock braids on a regular basis whether it be a red carpet look or even during their day to day life. Follow along for 8 times celebrities flawlessly rocked braids and inspired us to do the same:

8. Amanda Seyfried

This hair look Amanda Seyfried rocked on the red carpet proves that braids truly are appropriate for any occasion. Seyfried tied her hair into a side swept braid that hung over one shoulder in a super relaxed and effortless way. To achieve the look, use a texturing spray before braiding the hair to create the messy, salt-infused style her hair exudes.

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7. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen definitely doesn’t have time to deal with fussy hair days when she has a little one on board! The star opted for a sleek boxer-braid inspired look that transitioned into a structured ponytail at the back. To achieve the look Teigen french-braid both sides of her head then looped the braids into a ponytail at the nape of her neck. From there, she tied a few elastic bands around the length of the hair to create a “structured” look and to hold all the loose hairs away from her face. A look like this is definitely perfect for second day hair or days when it’s too hot to leave your hair flouncing around your face.

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5. Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is known for her frequent hair updates and even recently stepped out donning a completely shaved head! The braided style she rocked back in 2015 is undeniably eye-catching and creative. She coiffed tiny french braids along the crown of her head tracing towards a ponytail at the back of her head. She then wrapped a loose braid around the ponytail to hide the elastic. The result is visually interesting yet still pretty and feminine.

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4. Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell’s wispy beach-inspired braid is the epitome of summer hair! We love how she let the hair fall messily and embraced her natural texture. To achieve the look, Shay simply braided the length of her hair and let it fall down her back. She then pulled pieces out to frame her face and make the look appear effortlessly deconstructed.

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3. Hayden Patteniere

Hayden Patteniere’s side swept braid look is a perfect way to soften an outfit and add extra detail. The star opted for a monochrome millennial pink color palette, so adding the interesting hair style definitely worked with this look. To achieve this style, Hayden simple braided her hair over her shoulder and then did the same for her bangs which reached across the crown of her head.

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2. Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is known for her out of the box sense of fashion and sophisticated style, and it’s no different when it comes to her hair! The star donned this braided hair creation flawlessly. The high bun created a super polished vibe and was reminscient of a ballerina-inspired look. To achieve the look, she began the braid at the nape of her neck and braided upwards. The remainder of the braid was wrapped into a bun on the top of her head and she smoothed away any flyaways to make the braided look appear super refined.

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1. Lily Collins

Lily Collins’ top knot with intricate braid detailing is stunning for both the red carpet or for a hot summer day when you’re simply trying to pull your hair up. To achieve the look, the star piled all her hair on the top of her head and pinned into a voluminous ballerina bun. To add extra detail, the star braided one piece and wrapped it around the perimeter of the bun. Viola, instant elegance!

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