12 Celebrity Beauty Secrets That Will Make You Look Younger

Celebrities have undeniably mastered the art of looking eternally young! From their glowing complexions to their flowing locks, it’s definitely a challenge to guess a celebrity’s age based on their appearance. For some such as Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston, age seems to do nothing but good and one can’t help but wonder their secrets to looking continually fresh-faced and youthful. Luckily, we at Fame10 have dug up 12 must-know beauty secrets to make you look younger straight from the lips of our favorite celebrities:

12. Madonna – Flawless skin

Who would guess that Madonna was nearly 60 years old?! Her flawless skin definitely does not give her age away. Her go-to makeup guru, Gina Brooke, has dished that having flawless skin is the key to keeping Madonna looking young and radiant. Her tips for selecting a foundation for aging skin is to select a product that has a light formulation and isn’t overly matte since that can look cakey and exaggerate wrinkles. She also suggests that foundations with warmer undertones typically make the complexion look younger.

11. Jennifer Lopez — Long layers

There’s a common misconception that as a woman ages she should slowly adopt a shorter, bob-like hairstyle, but that is definitely not true. Jennifer Lopez was never one to follow the rules and has rocked long locks and flowing tresses for years past her 40s! Even just an extra inch or two of hair can add a younger, more radiant look to the face.

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10. Catherine Zeta-Jones — Pearly whites

You would never know Catherine Zeta-Jones is nearly 50 based on her youthful appearance! This star’s tip to looking eternally young is to maintain dental health and keep teeth white and bright. A stained, yellow smile can be one of the first signs of aging, and according to beauty experts, brightening your teeth can instantly shave 5-10 years off your age and give an instant vibrancy effect.

9. Naomi Watts — SPF

Perhaps the most relevant tip of all when it comes to aging is Naomi Watts’ advice to always wear sunscreen. UV rays are one of the biggest causes of premature aging and blocking the skin from these damaging effects is easily one of the best things you can do for your skin. Luckily these facts are being acknowledged by beauty brands and many products such as foundations and BB creams are beginning to include an SPF, which allows you to skip a step. Take Naomi’s advice and make sure one of the products you use on a daily basis contains SPF, your skin will thank you in the long run.

8. Jennifer Aniston — Highlights

Jennifer Aniston looks surprisingly just as beautiful now (or even more so!) than when she starred as Rachel Green on Friends in the ’90s! Her secret to achieving the sun-kissed, radiant look is lightening her hair and adding in natural looking highlights. With age comes a natural darkening of hair and a sallow look to the skin, but brightening the hair, especially the face-framing pieces, can bring lightness and vibrancy back to the face!

7. Elizabeth Hurley

The face tends to naturally become more shallow as the years pass, but that’s not something a little blush can’t help with! Elizabeth Hurley’s makeup artist dished her secret to Hurley’s eternally radiant and youthful complexion is applying color to the highest point of her cheekbone in a circular motion to give a natural lift to the cheekbones. As for colors, she suggests warm pinks, peaches, and bronzes that blend seamlessly with the skin to make the complexion look naturally flushed and younger.

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6. Diane Kruger — Wash makeup before bed

It’s hard to believe that Diane Kruger is already in her early ’40s, but based on her appearance, you would never guess! Luckily, her biggest beauty secret to looking eternally young is actually super achievable. Her most crucial beauty secret is to make removing all makeup before bed a priority every night. The build-up of makeup for unnecessary time periods can clog pores and can actually lead to premature aging because it prohibits the ability for your skin to breath and recover.

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5. Cindy Crawford — Hydrated skin

Supermodel Cindy Crawford has aged flawlessly and looks nearly identical to her 16-year old daughter, Kaia Gerber. There’s definitely a secret or two in Crawford’s back pocket when it comes to her luminous complexion and youthful radiance. Crawford has revealed that she believes in the power of a thick, rich moisturizer and has advised that investing in a quality hydration product and using it consistently is the key to keeping the skin looking youthful.

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4. Cate Blanchett — Dewy foundation

Ever wonder how Cate Blanchett always has that radiant glow despite being nearly 50 years old? Her makeup artist dished the details of her beauty routine and shared that she always opts for a dewy foundation with luminous qualities on Blanchett. A dewy finish provides radiance and glides over wrinkles without exaggerating them the way that matte foundations tend to do.

3. Sandra Bullock — Exfoliate

Sandra Bullock still looks like she’s in her twenties and many would be shocked to know she’s over 50 years old! What’s her secret to looking glowy and fresh-faced? She has shared that exfoliator is her secret weapon to keeping her complexion youthful. Exfoliation removes dull, dead skin cells to reveal the smooth, bright skin below.

2. Salma Hayek — Undereye concealer

Fifty-one-year-old Salma Hayek hasn’t aged a day, and when asked about her beauty routine, the star confessed that concealer is her secret weapon! “I used to use a lighter skin-tone shade under my eyes to take away the dark circles and bags, [which seem to get] more prominent with age, but it didn’t work,” Salma admitted. To combat the blue tones of her under eye bags, Hayek revealed that she uses an orange-based concealer to cancel out the cool tones under her eyes.

1. Halle Berry — Rosewater spray

Halle Berry’s secret to looking eternally young is an all natural product that is actually super affordable. Her favorite product is rosewater spray which she uses as a makeup primer, a setting spray or even as a face mist for a mid-day pick-me-up. The multi-purpose product is amazing to have on hand and according to Berry, it’s the reason her skin glows and the secret behind her luminous complexion.

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