20 Most Disappointing Fashion Moments Of 2017

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2017 was undeniably a huge year for fashion in the world of Hollywood! We saw breakout stars make a huge impact with their fashion-forward looks and quite a few memorable red carpet moments that we’re still appreciating months later. Although this year came with quite a few fashion highs, it inevitably came with lows as well where we couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Whether it was too simple, not up to their usual standard or downright bizarre, follow along as we retrace twenty of the most disappointing celebrity fashion moments of 2017:

20. Kerry Washington — Golden Globes

After seeing Kerry Washington as the polished and sophisticated Olivia Pope on Scandal, there were definitely high expectations for her outfit when she stepped out on the red carpet! Unfortunately, her look at the Golden Globes this year was quite disappointing and consisted of golden lace, unflattering cap sleeves, and a bizarre belt buckle. The hem of the dress hit her at an awkward length and the visible black Spanx underneath her dress definitely detracted from this look even more.

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19. Madonna – Met Gala

Although the Met Gala is known for it’s out of the box and creative fashion moments, Madonna’s camo colored look was definitely quite questionable. She paired the full-length camo gown with awkward leather gloves and a set of chunky necklaces around her neck that didn’t flatter one another whatsoever. The already cringe-worthy look became even worse as she dragged along a matching camo net as a boa accessory.

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18. Ariel Winter — Emmys

Ariel Winter definitely made jaws drop at the Emmys this year, but we’re not sure it was for the right reasons! The Modern Family star stepped out wearing a double slit gown that was ultra revealing and even required her boyfriend to adjust the slits to avoid a wardrobe malfunction on multiple occasions! We would have much preferred to see Ariel in one slit at a modest height than to be uncomfortable and cringe-worthy all evening.

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17. Scarlett Johansson — Academy Awards

Scarlett Johnsson stepped out at this year’s Academy Awards rocking her edgy new haircut, but unfortunately, her outfit was a definite miss. The chaotic print felt quite informal for the occasion, especially when paired with a chunky belt that had a strange print of its own. The outfit got even worse as she posed backward and the sheer material exposed her undergarments!

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16. Carrie Underwood — Golden Globes

Carrie Underwood definitely didn’t abide by the motto “less is more” with her look for this year’s Golden Globes! Although the romantic shade of pink isn’t the worst, the top half of the dress with its dramatic ruffles was highly unflattering and over the top. Carrie Underwood is typically a shoo-in for the best-dressed list at red carpet events, which made this moment all the more disappointing.

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15. Kellie Pickler — Country Music Awards

With Kellie Pickler’s beauty, it would seem she could do no wrong on the red carpet, which is why we were even more disappointed with her Country Music Awards look. The long sleeve mini dress was covered with feathers and sequins on her arms and skirt that just didn’t quite work together. The pop of green was unexpected and the skirt hit her at an awkward length that didn’t flatter her body.

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14. Jessica Biel — Academy Awards

Jessica Biel definitely brought the glitz and glamour to the red carpet with her Oscars look this year, but the addition of the glittering necklace was just simply over the top. The skin-tight bronze gown was designed by Kaufman Franco and featured patchwork detailing all throughout and chic long sleeves. Although the dress on its own wouldn’t have been so bad, the overwhelming Tiffany & Co. statement necklace made her sparkly look appear tacky rather than tasteful.


13. Halle Berry — Academy Awards

Halle Berry’s Academy Awards look from this year was undeniably one of the most disappointing of the year! The custom Atelier Versace dress felt slightly dated and something that would have appeared on the red carpet in the ’90s. The black chiffon crisscross detailing along the bodice felt out of place and awkward, especially in combination with the one shoulder neckline. Despite this, her hair admittedly looked amazing as she let her curls fall natural and free.

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12. Girl Crush — Grammy Awards

Girl Crush most definitely had the strangest outfit of the year and made a name for herself (for all the wrong reasons) with this ball pit-inspired dress. The singer clearly confused the classy awards show with a children’s birthday party as she showed up in a pink bra top complete with a poofy skirt covered in balls. To add to the already cringe-worthy moment, the balls at the bottom of the dress actually began unraveling and rolling around the red carpet which proved the dress was just awful as it looked.

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11. Diana Ross — American Music Awards

Diana Ross was completely shameless at the American Music Awards this year where she stepped out wearing an extravagant headpiece and draped black cape look. The music icon definitely looked overly theatrical and the whole look came across as more of a costume than a legitimate and respectable red carpet look. The combination of crinkling in all the wrong places and the oversized belt was definitely not polished or flattering in any way.

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10. Sarah Jessica Parker — Golden Globes

Sarah Jessica Parker definitely has huge expectations to live up to when making a red carpet appearance after playing fashionista Carrie Bradshaw on television! She typically reaches this high standard and leaves us speechless with her intricate hairstyles and luxurious gowns, but this year’s Golden Globes look definitely left us quite disappointed. The dramatic bridal-inspired gown seemed to overwhelm her petite frame and the poofy cold shoulder sleeves seemed like an outdated wedding dress trend. Although the milkmaid-inspired braided hairstyle isn’t the worst, it just doesn’t pair well with the vibe of this dress and contributed even further to our overall disappointment with this red carpet moment.

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9. Gwyneth Paltrow — Met Gala

The Met Gala is arguably the biggest fashion event of the year! It’s the one event where anything goes when it comes to fashion and haute couture and artful dresses are celebrated and marveled at. Since this event is so keen on extravagant fashion, Gwyneth Paltrow’s simple pale pink sparkle gown was completely underwhelming. Her celebrity counterparts were rocking ten foot long trains and pieces that took years to make and with Paltrow’s choice of attire you would have no idea Paltrow and these celebrities were attending the same event! Aside from the overly simplistic design, the sparkly texture of this dress seemed juvenile and the cut hit her at an awkward and unflattering length.

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8. Leslie Mann — Oscars

The Beauty and the Beast remake made quite the stir this year, especially when it came to fashion! Leslie Mann attempted to channel her inner Belle with this Zac Posen tiered dress but unfortunately did not pull it off quite as planned. The voluminous skirt and draped fabric seemed to drown her petite frame and make this look seem like a serious fairytale moment gone wrong. The bright, awkward color seemed more like a neon green than true Belle-yellow and seemed to wash out her fair complexion.

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7. Adele — Grammys

Although this year’s Grammys definitely treated Adele well with multiple wins for her hit album 25, her Givenchy fashion choice left us quite disappointed. The olive green color is definitely flattering on the light-eyed, fair-skinned musician, but the dress just simply had too much going on. There was a checkered print across the bust, polka dots along the sleeves, lace around the wrists, pleats along the skirt and geometric arrows trailing along the front. We would have loved to see her in something a little more glitzy and a little less chaotic and busy.

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6. Debra Messing — Emmys

Debra Messing undoubtedly had a huge red carpet miss at the Primetime Emmy Awards this year. Although the deep plum color flattered her hair and complexion perfectly, the awkward texture of this voluminous dress is something that just can’t be overlooked. The fabric seemed to be a plastic or vinyl material that looked uncomfortable, cheap and seriously distasteful. Aside from the awful material, the chunky orange accessories also seemed extremely out of place when matched with the jewel color of the dress.

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5. Kesha — VMAs

Kesha definitely has quite the reputation when it comes to fashion after her past wild years in the spotlight! With her recent shift in music taste after the release of her new album, we would have hoped her fashion was given an update as well. Unfortunately, this VMA moment was definitely not what we had in mind! The princess-style gown was made entirely of tulle and extended in tiny ruffles all the way down the dress. The entire dress made Kesha seem much bigger than she is and was definitely an unflattering and overwhelming choice of attire for what was intended to be a breakout evening for the star.


4. Nicole Kidman — Golden Globes

Nicole Kidman is typically a surefire best-dressed candidate when she steps onto the red carpet, but her Golden Globes look this year definitely did not live up to her usual standard. Although the central portion of this dress wasn’t awful and was actually quite nice with the sheer material and silver swirling embellishment, the sleeves are what were truly unflattering! They awkward ruffle distracted from the lovely sequin details and seemed too long on her arms by swallowing up her hands. The cascading train of the dress would have been acceptable on its own, but mixed with the ruffled sleeves it just came across too busy and out of place.

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3. Maren Morris — CMAs

Maren Morris’ look at the latest CMA awards left us seriously disappointed this year! The country star rocked a see-through Francesco Scognamiglio frock that had an unflattering and awkward silhouette. The design was complete with ruffles along the bust and hemline, sequins encrusting the hip and a seriously disjointed pattern that featured holes trailing across the entire dress. The texture of the fabric appeared cheap and the center slit and excessive amount of cutouts seemed dated.

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2. Katy Perry — Met Gala

Based on their choice of attire, you would never know that Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry were headed to the same event on the evening of the 2017 Met Gala! While Paltrow opted for an overly simplistic look, Katy went completely over the top in this seriously questionable number. The veiled disaster was most definitely a risk, but unfortunately for her, not one that was rewarded! The red tulle number had layers of chiffon tiers, embroidery, and a completely bizarre headpiece covered in springs and mirrors.

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1. Dakota Johnson — Oscars

Dakota Johnson’s 2017 Oscars dress was definitely the most disappointing fashion moment of the year and earned quite the buzz following the event. The stunning star hid her fabulous figure among layers of silk and the entire dress seemed outdated and almost as if it belonged in the Victorian era with its ruffled collar, puffy shoulders, and long sleeves. The Gucci gown was overly modest, a strange yellowed shade of champagne and featured a bizarre material detail at her waist that was super unflattering.

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