Young And The Restless’ 7 Most Ridiculous Deaths

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5. Death By Taser And Explosion

Speaking of cliffs and deaths, Adam Newman is another character that seems to have nine lives and some pretty ridiculous deaths as a result. He too flew off a cliff at one point and was presumed dead, but his latest death was just outrageous. While staying in a cabin escaping his latest legal woes and pending imprisonment, Chloe of all people was able to track him down. Little Miss Five-Foot-Nothing was able to not only find her way to Adam, but she shot him with a Taser dart to watch him die. Alas, thankfully she escaped before the cabin exploded (not sure how), but Adam was left there struggling and then (presumably) passed away in the burning inferno. Or did he? Should Adam ever return, this latest rise from the dead may be a harder explanation than all the others combined.



4. Death By Drunk

The ‘who dunnit’ storylines involving Diane Jenkins sent shock waves throughout Genoa City and Y&R audiences. She had a lot of enemies, and when she was found face down in a Genoa City creek, it was a bit creepy that any of the suspects would murder her in such a fashion, despite the fact that she was the town villainous. It ended up being Nikki Newman who was the culprit, and she was too drunk to remember she killed the woman in self-defense. Makes sense, but here’s the ridiculous part: Nikki can barely walk, talk, or do anything remotely functional when she’s drunk … how the heck did she muster up enough strength to kill Diane with a rock?