The Voice: Celebrities Who Should Be Cast As Guest Advisors

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For 12 seasons, The Voice has been drawing in fans with not only the competition aspect, but with the numerous celebrities who grace the show. Along with four extremely popular and talented coaches, each season features a group of successful stars that act as mentors or advisors to the aspiring artists, either for a particular coach or for everyone. Through all the seasons, they have tapped a lot of great stars for the job, but there are so many more stars who would be great in the role that fans would love to see! Here are 10 celebrities who should be cast as guest mentors on The Voice:

10. Britney Spears

Britney Spears has seen a huge resurgence as of late, and fans are loving it! If there is anybody who can help aspiring artists understand the trials and successes of stardom and keeping connected with your fans, it is Spears. Not to mention she has proved her ability to both perform and entertain thanks to her recent Las Vegas residency. Spears would not only be able to share her insight from being a successful singer for so long, but her bubbly and positive personality would be uplifting for the singers and hopefully help calm their nerves because we can’t see her handing out harsh criticisms. She would be a great overall for every team, but it would be awesome to see her work with either Team Gwen or Team Adam as a pop star.

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9. Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Connick Jr. has it all and if there would be anyone to offer wisdom and advice, it should be him. There is no challenge in the entertainment industry that Connick hasn’t tackled and he has always succeeded. Aside from being one of the best-selling male artists in the U.S., he has one of the best personalities out there, which fans quickly learned when he stepped in as a judge on American Idol for season 13 after two previous mentoring appearances. His knowledge of music and performing is extensive, plus he already has a lot of experience working with aspiring singers on a reality competition series which really makes him one of the best choices to appear on The Voice. He would be best as a mentor for all the teams, because having him just for one coach would be very unfair.

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8. Dave Grohl

Fans of The Voice have seen artists and music industry moguls from all kinds of genres and decades in the industry over 12 seasons. There have been few from the rock genre with the closest being Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong in season three, so it would be great to get a rock legend such as Dave Grohl on the show. You don’t have to be a rock music fan to know the impact that Dave Grohl has had on the industry, from the drummer for the legendary Nirvana to the frontman for one of the biggest rock bands of the past few decades, Foo Fighters, Grohl has become a living legend. He would not only be especially helpful for those who turn to rock as their inspiration, but could bring advice on creating and performing your own music on a level that few have reached. Again, he would be a great overall advisor, but would be great working with Team Gwen or Team Adam.

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7. Randy Jackson

Along with famous singers and musicians, The Voice has incorporated many of those who are behind-the-scenes in the music industry including songwriters and producers such as Adam Blackstone in season one. They can offer advice from a whole different side of what it means to become a successful artist and remain successful, making their advice invaluable to contestants, and making Randy Jackson a great choice for an advisor. Not only is Jackson a musician himself, but he is also a Grammy-winning producer, and worked for years as a main judge on American Idol. Along with the advice he could offer, he has proven to have an amazing talent for hearing strengths and potential in artists, but is also not afraid to offer the criticism they require to improve. Another all-around great advisor that could probably work great with Team Alicia.

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6. Elton John

The Voice has remarkably brought in some of the biggest music legends still in the industry including Cher, Lionel Richie, Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks and more, but nothing could top it if they could bring in Elton John. Elton John now has a career that spans five decades and has become one of the best-selling musical artists in the entire world. His work ethic, success and fame is hard matched with any other star, but he is also known to be one of the kindest people in the industry. There is no doubt that he would be able to give some incredible advice to the aspiring singers, but would not have a problem telling them what doesn’t work. Elton John would be best as a mentor for all the coaches, but we could see just Team Blake or Team Adam snagging him.

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5. Lady Gaga

While many of the contestants already have incredible talent, one of the focal points when it comes to the mentoring is to try to teach them how to give an overall performance. Very few have actual stage experience and any artist will say there is much more to putting on a great show than simply singing the songs. If anyone knows how to put on a spectacle while delivering what the fans want, it is Lady Gaga. She undoubtedly will be one of those mentors where it would be easy to see that she has a genuine concern and interest in the singers and would very much do everything she could to help them individually. It would be great to see her work with Team Gwen and to see how the two female powerhouses with such unique styles and personalities would team up and help the contestants.

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4. Thomas Rhett

Thanks namely to Blake Shelton’s influence and the number of talented aspiring country music singers to appear on the show, The Voice has seen a ton of amazing country stars, and is sure to see many more. One of the biggest young stars right now in the genre is Thomas Rhett, and he would be an excellent advisor to join Team Blake of course. Rhett and Shelton go way back as Shelton used to write with Rhett’s dad and would help Thomas with his homework, so seeing the two friends would be entertaining in itself. Country music has changed a lot recently, and Thomas Rhett has found the perfect balance of country mixed with other genres with experience that would greatly help those trying to enter the industry.

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3. Steven Tyler

Given his status as a living musical legend, not to mention his outgoing personality, it is pretty surprising that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler hasn’t appeared on The Voice yet. Tyler would be another great icon to help advise the artists, and his experience on American Idol makes him an even more obvious choice. He can criticize, offer great advice, but will also probably say some hilarious things, making him the best mix of personality for a guest advisor. Although a great mentor for all of the coaches’ teams, he would most likely be brought in to be on Team Adam.

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2. Shania Twain

Shania Twain may be known as a country music legend, but she is highly respected in the industry as a whole, and would be a fantastic celebrity advisor. Twain is not only one of the best-selling female artist in country music’s history, but is also one of the best-selling artists over all genres of all time. She was a key trailblazer in the transition to the increasingly popular country/pop genre, and has now had an incredible career spanning three decades. Twain has a fantastic personality and a ton of music knowledge that she could give. Since she would most likely be on Team Blake it would be amazing to see the two country icons team up and make Team Blake the best it can be.

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1. Beyonce and Jay-Z

After country music’s power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill appeared as co-advisors for all of the coaches and their teams in season 11, it would only make sense if they could bring in another music power couple. The most obvious choice would be Beyonce and Jay-Z, although it is very unlikely. The amount of amazing advice and knowledge these two icons have individually let alone together would be staggering, and there is no way that anyone couldn’t benefit from hearing their criticisms and advice. It would make the most sense for the two to be mentors for all the teams, but would most likely be brought in by Alicia Keys, and it would be incredible to hear the wisdom all three of the superstars could give to the contestants.


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