The 7 Photos Christina Aguilera Doesn’t Want You To See!

Christina Aguilera has been in the spotlight since 1999 and, over the years, her style has transformed significantly. She stepped onto the scene with her innocent, bubblegum pop  image right in line with other successful female singers at the time, like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. After a few hit singles, however, X-tina turned to the dark side – and we have the pics to prove it.

Here are 7 photos of Christina Aguilera we’re almost positive she wouldn’t want you to see:

7. MTV Movie Awards, 2001

Christina walked the red carpet of the 2001 MTV Movie Awards wearing a see-through corset, striped tie-up jeans and waaay too much makeup.

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6. 2001 Blockbuster Awards

The popular singer may have looked like she was attending a Halloween bash in this photo but she was actually walking the red carpet of the 2001 Blockbuster Awards. Needless to say, her appearance was not award-worthy.

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5. 2000 American Music Awards

Still portraying her bubblegum pop image here in 1999, Aguilera showed up to the prestigious American Music Awards wearing red snakeskin pants, a blue crop top and chunky black heels.

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4. 2003 American Music Awards

The pop princess attempted to show off her edgier side at the 2003 American Music Awards. Unfortunately, the look was not well-received by fashion critics that year.

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3. 2002 Premiere of 8 Mile

Never one to shy away from showing off her midriff, X-tina looked too tanned and too casual at the premiere of the movie 8 Mile in Los Angeles in 2002.

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2. Grammy Awards, 2001

Christina showed up to the coveted 2001 Grammy Awards wearing this full length, body baring pink suit and braids.

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1. American Music Awards, 2003

Apparently we all missed the memo: Grey was the new blonde back in 2003. No, wait a minute – it wasn’t. That didn’t stop Aguilera from walking the red carpet looking more like a witch than a successful singer.

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Fame 10 Staff

Fame 10 Staff