Serial Dater Sienna Miller: Who Has She Dated Over The Years?

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Sienna Miller’s professional life has often been overshadowed by all of the romantic drama in her personal life. She has had a number of relationships through the years and, while some of her loves were well known, others are definitely surprising. Who do you prefer of all of Miller’s boyfriends?  Vote at the end of the slideshow.

7. Jude Law

Sienna Miller’s relationship with Jude Law is definitely the most publicized. Miller began dating Law back in 2003 when they met on the set of “Alfie” and they became engaged in 2004; however, they broke up in 2005 when Law publically confessed to having an affair with his children’s nanny. Shortly after, they tried to salvage the relationship, but in 2006 parted ways. In 2009, however, Miller and Law rekindled their relationship only to split up for good in 2011.


6. Balthazar Getty

In 2008, Sienna Miller began dating Balthazar Getty of the television show “Brothers and Sisters.” The relationship caused quite a stir since Getty was married at the time. The two dated off and on for about a year and then, in 2009, the they called it quits with Getty reconciling with his wife.