One Direction: 7 Shocking Scandals

Members of the English-Irish boy band One Direction have been making the news and not for anything good. Ever since Zayn Malik left the band this past March to go solo, rumors have run rampant about the guys, their relationships and their various sidepieces. The boys of One Direction are pretty used to scandalous rumors being spread about them. Since the seemingly wholesome bunch first shot to fame back in 2011, they have made it to the headlines for a number of different scandals. While some of them are probably based on fact, there are some that are obviously total fiction.

Harry Styles Drops His Pants on Stage

Harry Styles nearly flashed his crotch during a concert in Rio de Janeiro back in 2014. He was trying to show fans a sexy tattoo he got right near his groin, which required him to drop his pants and his underwear. As if that wasn’t enough, he then asked the camera to zoom in on his thigh where fans could see the word “Brazil.” Some of us wonder though – was this really appropriate?

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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Had an Affair

Back in 2012, it was first suggested that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were more than friends. While the other band mates chose to get their own places, Styles and Tomlinson decided to share a flat. Although Styles has come out and said that he isn’t bisexual, people still can’t help but question the unusually close relationship that he has with Tomlinson.

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Leaked Smoking Video

In May 2014, a video of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking a joint was leaked while the band was on tour in Peru. Fans were outraged. Some of them even burned their One Direction tickets.

Liam Payne tweeted an apology on his bandmate’s behalf: “We are only in our 20’s we all do stupid things at this age… We all have a lot of growing up to do in an extreme circumstance I’m not making excuse but it’s fact we are gunna fall short somewhere… Hopefully we stand the test of time an get it right in the end I don’t take this for granted and im extremely grateful to be here doing this.”

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Harry Styles Wears a Native American Headdress

Back in 2014, Harry Styles suffered a serious backlash from his fans when he posted a picture of himself wearing a Native American headdress on Twitter and Instagram. Although he deleted the images, many fans were still appalled that he could be so culturally insensitive.

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Louis Tomlinson Impregnates Friend

Louis Tomlinson only broke up with longtime girlfriend Eleanor Calder this past March and he’s already expecting a child with someone else. He and Briana Jungwirth, who is reportedly a friend of his, had only been on a few dates when he knocked her up. They are currently not in a relationship, but they are, apparently, super excited about the pregnancy.

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Zayn Malik Cheating Allegations

Zayn Malik has been engaged to Perrie Edwards since late 2013, but that hasn’t stopped him from hooking up with other women. According to Swedish model Martina Olsson and Brit Lauren Richardson, the famous boy bander hooked up with them while he was touring with his band in Thailand. This wasn’t the only time he was caught potentially cheating on Perrie. Back in 2012, a video was released that showed Malik inviting a female fan back to his hotel room.

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Louis Tomlinson Womanizing Ways

Since breaking up with Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson has been a busy man. Around the same time that he knocked up Briana Jungwirth, he was hooking up with at least four other women who were spread out over several continents. With a woman in each major city, Tomlinson doesn’t ever have to worry about ever getting lonely!

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