Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend’s Death: 5 Things To Know About Cathriona White

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As we reported earlier, Jim Carrey’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Cathriona White was found dead today of an apparent suicide. She and Jim had been dating since 2012 and they had just broken up prior to her death. Many of us are now left wondering, who was Cathriona? Here are 5 things to know about the 28-year-old brunette beauty.

5. She Worked in the Beauty Industry

Cathriona had been working in the beauty industry as a stylist prior to her death. She had worked on several high profile shoots. Some of her clients included David Hasselhoff and Divergent actress Lyndie Greenwood, who she styled for an Elle photoshoot and for the Divergent premiere.

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4. She Was Irish

Cathriona was from Tipperary, Ireland, but she moved to California to find work as a makeup artist.

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3. She Was a Budding Photographer

Cathriona took a lot of pictures and updated her Instagram account regularly. She would post selfies with clients, pictures of her family and shots of her various adventures. Carrey had posted some of her pictures on his Twitter account.

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2. She Had a Big Family

Cathriona had a sister named Lisa and was aunt to four nieces and three nephews. She posted pictures of them all over her Instagram account.

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1. She Had Plenty of Hobbies

Cathriona had a wide range of hobbies, from biking and traveling to cooking and sports. Before her death, she had reportedly started to practice transcendental meditation.

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