9 Hot Stars Who Battled Weight Controversy

In the media, celebrities are easy targets when it comes to weight. Whether too slender or too fat, celebrity physiques are often considered open season for critics and fans alike. The following stars have all faced controversy over their figures:

9. Nicole Richie

Reality star, fashion designer and mother of two Nicole Richie has received her fair share of criticism over her figure. Due to dramatic weight loss prior to the birth of her first child, the star, age 31, has faced accusations of eating disorders and other dangerous behaviors. Richie slammed critics, calling their accusations “insulting and irresponsible.” Though still sporting a slender physique, Richie assures the public that she’s healthy and happy.

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8. Lacey Schwimmer

“Dancing with the Stars” pro Lacey Schwimmer is proud of her curves. After facing criticism over her voluptuous frame, Schwimmer, age 25, fired back. She slammed her critics, voicing her pride at sporting a curvaceous body. She also revealed an earlier battle with anorexia and swore to always embrace her toned, buxom bod.

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7. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt, 34, has received a fair amount of flack over her curvy figure. Although once slim and slender, Love Hewitt faced controversy a few years ago after some unflattering bikini photos were published in tabloids. Shortly after, though, the star was back in shape and publicly embraced her womanly figure. These days, Jennifer is expecting her first child and happier and healthier than ever.

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6. Kelly Osbourne

TV personality and rock star offspring Kelly Osbourne, age 28, has experienced a lifelong battle with her weight. However, thanks to a routine of cardiovascular workouts, pilates, yoga and a balanced diet, the star’s figure has gone from frumpy to svelte. Since 2009, Osbourne has shed over 60 pounds and has become an advocate for clean, healthy living.

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5. Giuliana Rancic

TV personality and new mom Giuliana Rancic, 38, has always sported a slim physique. However, when her weight seemed to plunge, rumors of eating disorders and fad diets abounded. Rancic has publicly addressed these rumors, saying that her slender build is the result of genetics, exercise and a balanced diet.

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4. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is no stranger to weight controversy. The multi-talented Allie, age 60, even starred in a television show called “Fat Actress” and was a celebrity spokesperson for weight loss company Jenny Craig. Although Kirstie’s weight has yo-yoed over the years, she recently dropped about 100 pounds and looks better than ever.

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3. Kelly Clarkson

“American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson is as well known for her curves as she is for her singing voice. Clarkson’s weight has fluctuated during her time in the spotlight, which has often made the star a target for criticism and mean-spirited jabs. The singer, age 31, disregards comments about her weight, saying she’s happy and healthy no matter her size.

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2. Leann Rimes

Country crooner Leann Rimes, 30, has faced a fair amount of controversy surrounding her weight. In fact, Rimes’ rail-thin frame has fueled rumors of anorexia and addiction to laxatives and diet pills. The singer vehemently denied these claims, stating that her dramatic weight loss was the result of emotional stress and anxiety: not drug use or unhealthy eating behaviours.

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1. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s voluptuous curves have been the stuff of tabloid fodder for over a decade. News about Simpson’s weight came to a head during her pregnancy with her first child when she famously gained over 60 pounds. Following the birth of her daughter, Simpson, age 33, became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and shed those pregnancy pounds in just six months. Shortly afterward, however, news broke of Simpson’s second pregnancy. Following the birth of her second child in July, 2013, Simpson is back on the Weight Watchers train and eager to lose the baby weight.

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Fame 10 Staff

Fame 10 Staff