Celebrities Who Hid Their Pregnancies The Longest

Some celebrities are super secretive – especially when it comes to their pregnancies. Rather than let the world know immediately after the first trimester that they are expecting, they keep us guessing for months. Some celebrities have their reasons. Some want privacy while others want to make sure that there is no chance of miscarrying. We get it, but it doesn’t make “bump watch” – the practice of guessing which celebrities are expecting – any easier, especially when these people in question constantly deny that they are pregnant, only to confirm it later. Here are 9 celebrities who were able to hide their pregnancies the longest!

9. Claire Danes

In 2012, Claire Danes kept her pregnancy under wraps for a good four months. The gifted actress was in the midst of filming season two of “Homeland” when she discovered she was pregnant, which put a bit of a kink in filming because her character wasn’t expecting. Filming became more and more difficult the more that the Golden Globe-winning actress began to show. Producers ended up enlisting a body double to fill in for Danes.

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8. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson began showing pretty early when she was pregnant with Maxwell. Her father was reportedly looking for a tabloid that would pay them lots of money to be the first one to reveal her pregnancy, but it didn’t happen. The pregnant singer then took matters into her own hands by revealing the news on Twitter with a photo of her showing off her bump in her Halloween costume. “It’s true – I’m going to be a mummy,” Simpson Tweeted.

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7. Angelina Jolie

Back in February 2008, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt confirmed that another baby – or babies – was on the way when she wore a belly-hugging black dress that revealed her baby bump to the Film Independent’s Spirit Awards. That May, during a joint interview, Jolie’s co-star Jack Black let it slip that she and Pitt were expecting twins. Two months later, the gorgeous couple welcomed Knox and Vivienne to the world at a hospital in France.

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6. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman didn’t reveal to the public that she was pregnant until she was four months along. The Oscar-winning actress – who is notoriously private – announced her pregnancy and her engagement to choreographer Benjamin Millepied at the same time. “I have always kept my private life private but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience,” Portman told Entertainment weekly.

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5. Eva Mendes

Word on the street is that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting their first child together – and she’s seven months along! The “Hitch” star – who was rumored to have split from her Oscar-nominated beau late last year – has reportedly been hiding out at her home since she discovered that she was pregnant. Back in February, Mendes fueled pregnancy rumors when she allegedly told Transportation Security Administration that she couldn’t pass through the body scanner “because she’s pregnant.” She denied this was true at the time, but we think she may have been telling the truth!

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4. Beyonce

Beyonce – when she was five months pregnant with Blue Ivy – finally announced that she was expecting by revealing her baby bump at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011. In her documentary “Beyonce: Life is But a Dream,” the mega star opened up about the miscarriage she suffered before she became pregnant with Blue Ivy. According to Beyonce, the miscarriage made her far more secretive when she was pregnant the second time around.

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3. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis announced her pregnancy this past May. Although she refuses to say how far along she is or when the baby is due, the Golden Globe-nominated actress did tell Ellen Degeneres on her talk show that she and Ashton Kutcher had been keeping her pregnancy a secret for “a very long time.” We can see that. Back in March, pregnancy rumors were swirling and Kunis was frequently spotted wearing some exceptionally baggy shirts. All of this combined seemed to indicate only one thing – pregnancy.

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2. Britney Spears

Even though she was already spotted early on in her pregnancy sporting a sizable baby bump, Britney Spears waited until she was about five months pregnant to announce her second pregnancy to the world. Not one to send out a press release, the pop star made her announcement on “Late Night with David Letterman.” “Don’t worry, Dave, it’s not yours,” Spears joked to Letterman, who responded with, “Oh. Well, I think that’s good news for both of us.”

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1. Jennifer Lopez

When Jennifer Lopez was pregnant with twins Max and Emme, she waited until she was five months pregnant to share the news. Prior to making the announcement, the singer, who had been showing for months at that point, donned a series of roomy outfits while she toured with her husband-at-the-time Marc Anthony in effort to silence all the baby talk, but all it did was fuel it. It was during her last show on the tour that Lopez shared the exciting news.

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