8 Reasons Khloe Kardashian Should Be The Next Bachelorette

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Last week, it was reported that reality star Khloe Kardashian, 30, is in talks to become the next romantic hopeful on ABC’s The Bachelorette. According to OK! Magazine, a source revealed that “Khloe has definitely warmed up to the idea. She sees the opportunity as a great career move.” The network agrees; the source claims that “ABC has been throwing out a lot of big numbers because they think it’s got ‘surefire hit’ written all over it.” While some feel that the Kardashian family has been over-exposed on TV and in the media, here are 8 reasons why Khloe would be a perfect choice to be the next Bachelorette:

8. She’s Already Famous

Khloe would certainly use her position on the show to extend her fame, but she doesn’t need the show to make her famous or launch some kind of reality career. She’s already been on Keeping Up With the KardashiansKourtney and Khloe Take Miami and Khloe and Lamar — and she’s also had clothing lines and tanning products. So she wouldn’t be lying about why she wants to be on the show, and she’d also already be used to the attention.

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7. She’s Divorced

Khloe is the perfect example of someone who’s already had love and marriage in her life, and needs a second chance. After a four-year marriage to NBA star Lamar Odom, she filed for divorce and is now looking for love again. “By the time I hit that age I thought I would have kids and still be married,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan last December. “But because that’s not the way it went, you can’t sit in a ball and cry. I had a husband, so I think there’s an adjustment period, which I don’t want to rush. Dating is so weird. But I’m happy – I moved into my new house, which is the first time I’ve owned a home on my own. It’s a big step and my brother lives with me – I’m so happy about that,” she said. On The Bachelorette, she wouldn’t be someone who was naively looking for the first Mr. Right — she’d offer the point of view of someone who’s been through a lot in her romantic life already and doesn’t want to waste time.

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6. She Really Does Want to Find Love

Now that Khloe has had time to recover from her divorce from Lamar, she’s ready to jump back in (and has dated people such as rapper French Montana and athlete James Harden since the split). But she’s not looking for a headline, she’s looking for love.  “I don’t crave sex. I talked about it more openly when I was married because it’s more comfortable,” she told Cosmo. “I crave companionship – I just want to cuddle. I got married at 25 – I was young, but I loved it. I do like it when you save certain things for your marriage. I don’t think you should treat every guy you’re dating like your husband. It doesn’t make it special.” Khloe has even said she’d adopt a kid on her own because she knows she wants a family — so that also means that she wouldn’t settle for the wrong guy.

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5. She’s Already Working Out For It

According to Hollywood Life, Khloe is really working hard to get in her best shape. She supposedly wants to sculpt herself a butt like Beyonce and has been trying to eat healthier. Apparently, she’s cut soda and other sugars out of her diet completely and has been meeting with her personal trainer, who pushes her body to the limit. She’ll often tweet about going to the gym, and said back in April that the gym actually became a positive place for her when she was having trouble in her marriage to Lamar. “When me and Lamar were having issues, I decided to channel my energy into working out…if I went out with my girlfriends I would be hounded by paparazzi and made to feel more humiliated,” Khloe told Cosmopolitan Body U.K. “The gym was my only refuge. I could put music on and dance around with my girlfriends and be silly.” We love the positivity! She also has a healthy attitude about plastic surgery and the expectations placed on women in the spotlight: “I’m not against plastic surgery –- if you want to do a tweak, I’m all for it, but you have to love yourself first because no surgery is going to change your heart,” she said. “It would have been such an easy solution to get liposuction or whatever, but you have to be healthy to maintain that. I’ve always felt like ‘Wouldn’t it be great to accomplish that on your own?'”

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4. She’s On Top of Twitter

Some reality star contestants have no idea what to do on social media and have trouble connecting with fans or live-tweeting their shows — but we know Khloe would be a master at it. She’s already got 15.2 million followers on Twitter and tweets pretty much every day, re-tweeting and replying to lots of different people. We know she’d be great at live-tweeting The Bachelorette when it aired, and would add a second dimension to the show experience.  Oh, and did we mention she has 27.2 million Instagram followers? Fans looking for some pretty behind-the-scenes snaps would definitely get the VIP treatment via her feed.

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3. A Guy Would Move For Her

One of the silliest things about The Bachelorette and The Bachelor is that the chosen contestants often end up in a relationship with someone who lives across the country, often in a small town or random city where there isn’t much to do. If I’m a doctor from San Francisco or something, would I really want to move to the middle of nowhere in Iowa to marry a farmer? Um, no. But Khloe lives in Los Angeles, where plenty of guys would be interested in moving, since it’s a huge city with lots of excitement and job opportunities. It’s not so crazy that someone would move to Los Angeles for Khloe, or that a promising contestant would be from somewhere close to LA already.

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2. She Could Handle a Long-Distance Relationship

Even if her chosen man didn’t want to move to Los Angeles, Khloe could handle a long distance relationship. She’s already flying across the world all the time for various shows and appearances, and can certainly afford to make a trip specifically because she wants to see someone she’s dating. (We’ve seen enough episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to be jealous of the stylish private jets they fly in all the time!) Khloe was married to a basketball player, so she knows how to deal with being apart, and even though the marriage didn’t work out, she’s dated other athletes and performers, so clearly she’s open to the idea of someone who needs to travel a lot for his job.

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1. She’s Funny

Finally, there’s a one big reason Khloe why would be a good Bachelorette: she’s hilarious. Although she’d be sincere about looking for love, we also bet that she wouldn’t be afraid to call out the contestants on their B.S. or make funny remarks in her interviews. Being an aunt to her sister Kim’s daughter North and her sister Kourtney’s kids Mason and Penelope has also helped Khloe tap into her humorous side. “I like to have fun and be silly and not take myself too seriously with the kids,” she said in an interview with Refinery29. We’d bet that that attitude would come across on The Bachelorette as well.


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