8 Most Shocking Moments On Keeping Up With The Kardashians

There have been plenty of scandals surrounding the blended Kardashian and Jenner family throughout the years. They are always a topic among gossip. With such a large family whose lives are constantly in the spotlight, of course there are many things to talk relating to them, but this family seems to have more news than most! Many of these scandals have taken place on or been discussed further on their reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

8. Khloé Goes to Jail

At the beginning of season three of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloé discovers that she has to serve jail time. She was charged with driving under the influence in 2007, and was going to her a court-mandated class because of it, but skipped two consecutive weeks of class in order to go to Australia. She gets kicked out of her class because of her attendance. She thinks she can just get an extension from a judge, but the judge tells her that going to Australia for work is no excuse, says that her job is a luxury, and sentences her to 30 days in jail. . This seems shocking for a little while, but after all of the buildup, she is released after only three hours because of overcrowding in the jail. On her way home from jail that day, she goes for a meal with her family, and some of them then proceed to get super drunk. Very appropriate, Kardashians. Luckily, none of the drunk people then drove home.

7. Kourtney and Scott Make a Fake Sex Tape Impersonating Kris and Bruce

Kris and Bruce let it slip that they made a sex tape back in the day and their children are appalled. He assures them that they erased the tape immediately afterwards, but his kids place some doubt in his mind about whether or not it was actually gone for good. Bruce is so conservative and a bit judgmental of them when they do less than respectable things, so Kourtney and Scott decide to prank him. They stage a whole sex tape production with professionals doing custom wigs, makeup, and filming. They film themselves pretending to have sex in ways they think that Kourtney’s parents would do it, which is incredibly messed up. Then, they take Kris and Bruce’s voices from home videos, and dub them over the tape, making it sound as though it is really them in the video. They show it to Bruce and several other family members while Kris is away, hoping that Bruce’s vision and hearing aren’t as good as Kris’s, and that he can be more easily fooled. It works, he’s incredibly upset, and everyone is disturbed. They then tell everyone it is a joke, and Bruce forgives them. This whole debacle may cause many members of the family to seek even more therapy in the future.


6. Racism in Vienna

Kim and her mom are invited to The Vienna Opera Ball in Austria, and they are quite excited to attend. However, from the moment they land, things don’t go quite as they expect. Kris’s suitcase is broken into during her trip, and many valuables are stolen. After that, they go to the event and they see someone at the event in blackface, who yells out to Kim repeatedly, calling himself Kanye. Then, during a live interview at the ball, a comedian who is participating in the interview uses the N-word. Kim doesn’t know what to say, and just looks uncomfortable. As if that wasn’t enough for one trip, on their way home, an angry, racist passenger rants loudly about Kim’s baby being black, Kim marrying Kanye West, and Kim and Kardashians sleeping with black men. Needless to say, they didn’t have a great time in Vienna. Kim says that it was an eye opener for her to see her daughter being treated that way, and to see such blatant racism firsthand.

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5. Kris Accidentally Slips Rob a Male Enhancement Drug

Kris Jenner’s friend gives her some male enhancement pills that she got as some kind of a party favour, and says they’re great. Kris decides that Bruce won’t take them, so she starts slipping them in his coffee. It seems that it goes very well at first, so she continues. One morning, her son Rob ends up drinking Bruce’s coffee. Several hours later, Rob starts to worry and calls Scott for advice. He has had an erection for many hours, and it’s getting very painful. He ends up going to a doctor. His mother eventually confesses in the waiting room to the family (Kylie and Kendall included). Oddly enough, Rob doesn’t seem incredibly angry, and Bruce and the rest of the family don’t freak out at her like she deserves.

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4. When Khloé Went from Single to Married in a Month

When season four of Keeping Up With the Kardashians began, Khloé was suddenly married to Lamar Odom. The month before, when Kourtney and Khloé take Miami ended, she was single. Before that, at the end of season three of Keeping Up with the Karadashians, Khloé breaks things off with Rashad McCants when she finds out that he cheated on her. So it was quite the shock when she was suddenly married to a new man when season four began. So, she went from single to married in about a month. The whirlwind romance was quite a surprise, even if many viewers found out about it through the tabloids instead of on the show.

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3. Scott Assaults a Waiter

When Kim’s family and friends go to Las Vegas for her birthday in season four of the show, Scott gets incredibly drunk, makes a fool of himself, annoys everyone at the table (including his boss), and then tops it all off by assaulting a waiter. The waiter had stopped serving him alcohol at Kris’s request, since he was barely functional at this point. Scott follows the waiter away from the table, yelling at him to serve him. He yells at him, threatens him, and then tops it all off by shoving money into the waiter’s mouth. It was a shocking moment, despite the fact that viewers have come to expect the worst of Scott, especially when he’s drinking. It was also shocking that he somehow managed to keep his job after his boss witnessed all of that.

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2. Cyrptic Messages About Khloe’s Marriage Falling Apart

Lamar’s absence from the show became quite obvious in later seasons, but Khloé refused to say anything about it for a long time. She made vague comments about things at the house not being great, but nothing was explained until much later. Eventually, Khloé talked about Lamar’s substance abuse (although she was still very vague about it), his arrests, his disappearances, and his cheating. For a couple who was so madly in love and happy in the beginning, it was quite a dramatic end. In 2013, they stopped living together and she filed for divorce at the end of the year. It was a dramatic end to their four-year marriage.

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1. When Bruce Came Out as Transgender

In season 10, two episodes were devoted to Bruce coming out as transgender. No hints had been dropped before that point (on the show at least), but many family members said that they had known that Bruce liked to secretly dress in women’s clothes for as long as they had known him. The two episodes were quite emotional, with everyone voicing their opinions about his coming out, and with many talks between the family members. It is somewhat impressive that Bruce (now Caitlyn) managed to come out on his own terms, since the family’s life was always in the public eye. It was a huge moment for the show, and sparked the spinoff series, I Am Cait, which came out after Bruce officially decided to go by female pronouns, change his name, and transition. This whole situation was certainly not something that was expected form the Kardashian/Jenner family, and has made waves in the media ever since.

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