7 Young And The Restless Couples Who Are Better Off As Friends

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Genoa City has produced its fair share of super couples over the years. There are those twosomes that are friends with benefits, but there’s also couples that have broken up on bad terms and those who are able to split amicably. As such, below are seven Young and the Restless (Y&R) couples that are better off as ‘just’ friends.

7. Neil Winters and Ashley Abbott

Both Neil and Ashley have been in Genoa City for decades now and have a lot of history and roots within the small town. Both are attractive, smart, and corporate savvy. Their families have always been friendly and they have worked together in the past as well. So when they hooked up, it did seem like a match made in heaven. Sadly, this couple lacked chemistry. Silver lining? They are still pretty good friends to this day and were able to part ways in a very mature manner.

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6. Nick Newman and Chelsea Lawson

While they are together now, it is friendship (and being married into the family) that brought them together in the first place. These two do have a ton of chemistry and seem like the perfect fit. The only downfall of this couple? Nick and his tendency to constantly return to his ex and mother of his children, Sharon. The fact that Chelsea has a little secret that she is hiding regarding Nick’s so-called son’s paternity. These two would be better off if they sat in the friends’ zone together.