7 Ridiculous Nicki Minaj Feuds That Have Us Scratching Our Heads

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Nicki Minaj is an interesting kitty cat. Her beefs and feuds extend into the lives of innocent bystanders who want no part in her meandering into the absurd. Brass tacks: no celebrity is safe from Nicki. She will light a person up with her lyrical content, just because she can, and in public…? As witnessed at the 2015 Video Music Awards, she’ll sling mud with no sense of propriety. Here are seven Nicki Minaj beefs for fellow celebrities that make you think she’s completely make-believe.

7. Miley Cyrus

It seems like it’s a real thing — this feud between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus — so we’ll start with this one. Nicki vs. Miley. It has a nice ring, doesn’t it? Two young women who had incredible talent at young ages, but were so obsessed with celebrity, lifestyle and this false worship people offer at their feet (or backsides) that they have been entirely consumed by the celebrity event horizon. Any chance to make good music is now out the window. It. Will. Never. Happen. So, why the beef? These two should be a tag-team. For those who missed the VMAs, congrats. But to get you up to speed, Nicki accepted an award, then tossed the show back to Miley Cyrus, referring to her as a b****. Kudos to Miley for being the younger of the two, but handling the situation like the adult, casually moving forward with the circus.

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6. Taylor Swift

Have you ever seen someone ride a bicycle backwards? It’s necessitates skilled back-peddling. That’s precisely what we saw after the VMA nominations when they were released earlier this summer. Nicki Minaj took to social media to complain about “Anaconda” not being nominated for Video Of The Year, and suggested if she had skinnier girls in her video that she might have made the cut. When Taylor took that as a jab in her direction, she fired back. Then, Nicki started running backwards, and stopped at the first reliable resting post: race. Her statements about skinnier girls was really only a jab at media, and it’s racial bias. With this statement, she either suggested stereotypes about women with black skin, and women with white skin or she was talking out of her fake butt. We’ll go with the latter. Then, she called off the dogs.

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5. Jennifer Aniston

What did Jennifer Aniston ever do to Nicki Minaj? Nothing. But in the mix of Nicki’s poetic masterpiece, “Stupid Hoe,” she refers to herself as Angelina, and her haters as Jennifer. Presumably, we’re all Brad. Which — whether you’re female or male — is pretty cool. This song is full of well-rhymed, mean-spirited suggestion, and somehow, poor Jennifer Aniston gets caught in the crossfire. Of course, Jennifer had no public response, because she’s a real celebrity and has class, but we’d imagine she’d drop a simple morsel: “Oh. Never heard that before. Ya got me.” Either way, it’s silly to grill up such a beef. Brad and Jennifer were destined to part ways regardless, so it’s really a knock on all three of those people. And Nicki…? She’s certainly no Angelina in any way, shape or form.

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4. Lil’ Kim

One of the individuals receiving the real brunt of Nicki’s blow in “Stupid Hoe” was none other than Lil’ Kim. Before continuing, a quick point: a hoe is a garden tool. So, unless Nicki was upset about a stupid gardening tool, the name of the song should have been Stupid Ho. We’re digressing… Nicki fired some word bullets at Lil’ Kim, notably, Kim’s plastic surgery woes. Nicki also went on to suggest that Lil’ Kim had the opportunity to befriend her back in the day, and Kim might have made a comeback riding the coattails of Ms. Minaj. These two have gone back and forth for three years now. Lil’ Kim fired back in 2012, saying Nicki was the “stupid ho,” but most recently suggested Nicki should redirect her ire., and thank Kim for helping to pave the way for other female rappers.

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3. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj judging a show together? It was destined for disaster from the start. What in the world were the American Idol producers thinking? Oh. Right. “We need ratings! The show is dying! Anything to keep milking this poor cash cow down to its bones!” When people look back at this show, and tell their grand kids about it, this will be the season they never mention. In truth, Nicki taking the position as the judge on the show was not good for her blossoming career. Judging a show is something you do when you’re remaining relevant. When your career rose has been cut from the bush, and is on display in a vase. Everything Nicki did before the show was considered fresh. Everything after… recycled. But the beef. Right. These women had their claws out at every instance.

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2. Iggy Azalea

This wasn’t justified, but it was understood. It was easy for Nicki Minaj to feel threatened when Iggy Azalea first hit the scene. Before Iggy gained any notoriety, she was playing clubs throughout the American South, hoping to gain a little traction and score a sweet deal. The Australian native took no time in firing a few social media bombs at Nicki Minaj — rap’s flavor of 2012 — in an effort to stir controversy and create a name for herself. In the long run it worked — sorta — but now it has seemingly backfired, as Iggy’s career is sinking faster than RMS Titanic. In some strange way, Nicki has remained the more civil in this feud, never really addressing Iggy by name, though she has tossed a few statements into the mix about authenticity, all presumed to be about Iggy Azalea… and Miley Cyrus.

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1. Common Sense & Reality

We’re getting a little existential on your fine, FAME10 readers. Nicki’s biggest beef… her biggest ongoing feud: it’s not with other people, it’s with herself. The young artist formerly known as Onika Maraj — a talented actress and musician — has died before our eyes to gargantuan applause to become the dime-a-dozen Miss Nicki Minaj. She has become something of which American society is now obsessed: surrealism in the form of humanity. Nicki has been pumped full of fake. The money-making machine turned a young artist into a monster of self-deluded controversy. And Nicki took the bait… hook, line and sinker. Sadly, at some point, all the other beefing and feuding is going to come to an end, because the label and industry will have milked Nicki for all it deems her to be worth. At that point, maybe she’ll holler back at Lil’ Kim, and they can say what needs to be said.

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