7 Families More Screwed Up Than The Kardashians

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The Kardashians are considered one of the most dysfunctional families in show business. We’re able to say this with a level of certainty because they air their dirty laundry on television every Sunday night at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. For most of the week, Kardashian news is everywhere, which prevents us from noticing other famous families that are even more dysfunctional. Not to worry though – we have found seven other families that could give the Kardashians a run for their money. They are all incredibly dysfunctional, but most, if not all, are totally unaware of just how messed up they really are.

7. The Spelling-McDermott Family

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are such a hot mess. They will do almost anything for money – even air their dirty laundry. We feel bad for the children. When they get older, they will be able to watch the family’s reality TV show, “True Tori,” and realize how just how messed up their parents really are. Like us, they will be exposed to all of the cheating scandals; their mother’s inability to save money or live within her means; and they’ll realize that their parents don’t actually trust or respect each other and will sell each other out in TV for money.

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6. Farrah Abraham’s Family

Anyone who watches “Teen Mom” knows that Farrah Abraham comes from a really dysfunctional family. She has accused her father and mother of physically abusing her as a child, claiming that she had cuts, welts, swelling and scars from the abuse. She has also said that her parent’s abuse made her feel that she was never attractive enough, which is why she has had so much plastic surgery. Her father has denied her accusations, claiming that any punishment that she received was just and fair; however, as of April 2014, he was writing a tell-all about his daughter, which is never a good sign.

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5. The Giudice Family

The Giudice family puts the “fun” in “dysfunctional.” Right now Teresa is serving a 15-month prison sentence for bankruptcy, mail and wire fraud and her husband Joe will be serving a 41-month sentence once she gets out. Before she went to prison, there were rumors about Joe being unfaithful and, now that she is locked away, those rumors have become reality. We feel bad for their daughters. Their parent’s lack of respect for the law is what got the family in trouble in the first place. Now they have to deal with their parents going to jail and their dad possibly being deported at the end of it all.

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4. Kim Richards’ Family

Kim Richards comes from a dysfunctional family. Her mother, Kathy Dugan, was a heavy drinker who used men for their money and demanded that her daughters – Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richards and Kim – marry rich. Her mother would reportedly hang around upscale bars, looking for high rollers that she could lock down. Kim never had a real childhood because her mother was constantly pushing her to work in the entertainment business. When Kim was married to her first husband, her mother pressured her to marry someone else who was even richer. Sources say that the reality TV star has turned out just like her mother with her drinking and her revolving door of men.

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3. Honey Boo Boo’s Family

Honey Boo Boo’s fam never seemed like the most functional of families. The whole pageant thing made the family seem a little off; however, that proved to just be the tip of the iceberg. The mother, Mama June, had a relationship with a pedophile and he molested one of her daughters. She didn’t believe Pumpkin when she told her ma what her boyfriend did. He ended up going to prison for child molestation though. When he got out of prison, Mama June jumped back into things with him, which is what got their show canceled last October.

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2. The Houston-Brown Family

We always knew that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a pretty messed up marriage; however, what we didn’t see coming was how Bobbi Kristina’s accident would end up pitting the Houston’s against the Brown’s yet again. These two are constantly battling it over Bobbi’s condition. The Brown’s tell us that she is recovering while the Houston family tells us that her condition hasn’t improved at all since she was admitted into the hospital. The family doesn’t want people to forget Bobbi and stop praying, so they feed false stories to the media. Oh – and they want to get paid for leaking these stories!

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1. The Duggar Family

Up until about two weeks ago, the Duggar family seemed like the perfect family, with their 19 children and their strong Christian values. Now that we’re aware that their eldest son Josh had inappropriately touched his sisters, as well as other girls associated with his family, everyone feels very differently. Jim Bob and Michelle allege that they put safeguards in place when Josh confessed what he had been doing, like banning male babysitters; however, for the most part, they have minimized the seriousness of his abuse while, at the same time, rationalizing and excusing his behavior.

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