6 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (June 27)


Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Wondering what will happen this week in Genoa City? Learn more about Adam, Hillary, Jack, Phyllis and Billy in the Y&R spoilers for the week of June 27th.

6. Hilary Turns To Jack

Hilary informs Devon they are through, but he persists. Sadly, Hilary ends up at the hospital due to a setback in her condition. While Devon visits her, she informs him that they are done. Hilary turns to Jack and Devon takes notice. Devon confronts him, but Jack is clueless and seems shocked by just how angry Devon is.


5. Phyllis Forgets Jack’s Birthday

Too busy getting it on with his brother, Phyllis forgets Jack’s birthday this week. She lies and says she was planning something at the Abbott cabin and Jack doesn’t give it a second thought. While up there though, Jack remembers that Adam’s trial is about to begin and jets back to town…leaving his wife alone in the cabin. As luck would have it, Billy jets up there and the two can’t keep their hands off each other.

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4. Billy Versus Travis

It seems that Billy can’t keep his hands off of Travis this week either, for other reasons. He and Travis get into a confrontation, when Travis rubs his relationship with Victoria in Billy’s face. Abbott does get physical, and Vicky tells Travis that her ex is upset because he can see that she is falling in love with him.

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3. Victor’s Accomplice

Michael informs Adam that Victor seems to have an accomplice. Kevin is hot on the trails of this information and at first seems to think it is Natalie (which we all know is not the person who is helping Victor). Regardless, Natalie and Kevin figure out a way to hack into the jail’s video to try and figure out who is working with Victor. The accomplice seems to look a lot like Natalie; how will Kevin feel when he finds out it is Chloe?


2. Sage Continues To Haunt Sharon

It doesn’t help that Sharon is off her medication, but still, Sage continues to haunt her as Sharon’s guilt increases this week. Mariah also lies and gets sleeping pills for her mom. As the week rounds to an end, Sharon seems like she is ready to crack.


1. Adam’s Trial

As Adam’s trial begins, it seems that things don’t look too good for him. Dylan places a police officer outside his door because of the evidence he found in that locker. Chelsea desperately tries to protect Adam. Victor tells Meredith to stay away from the trial, in hopes that she won’t figure out he’s lying…but she sneaks in anyway. Adam also gains some support from the rest of the Newmans, who also come to court. Adam hopes that Ian can save him, as both Ian and Victor take the stand. Victor’s explosive testimony changes the game and everyone will be shocked – but will it help or hurt Adam’s case?

Dorathy Gass

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